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Bill Burr Interview

Bill Burr Interview

Bill Burr had just a small role in Daddy’s Home starring Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg but that didn’t stop us from asking the superstar comedian a few questions about the flick at the premiere in New York.

There is an epic dance scene in the movie so of course we had to ask him who’s the better dancer, Will or Mark? Burr had a very insightful answer. “I’d say Wahlberg has all the tools, but never underestimate heart. Will’s got a lot of heart. He’s like that sixth round draft pick that shouldn’t make the team and all of a sudden he’s like Brady with four rings. So I don’t know. That’s a toss up.”


We moved away from questions about Will and Marks dance skills and asked Burr what his go to dance move is and he responded by saying “Waiting for the director to say cut.” I’m not completely familiar with this dance move but it must be up there with the dab and the nae nae. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Bill Burr isn’t much of a dancer. Lucky for him he’s pretty funny. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him on Dancing With the Stars anytime soon. Or will we? We asked him just to be sure and he said “If I have a crack habit and ruin this whole thing I’ve built all these years,” referring to his career as a comedian. What would be more funny then Mr. Burr learning to tango.

Burr went into the shoot completely blind. He hadn’t even read the script and had no idea what his scene was until he got there.  He then quickly found out he was going to be in a dance scene with Mark Wahlberg. Maybe next time he’ll read the script.

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