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Alessandra Ambrosio Interview

Alessandra Ambrosio Interview

It’s not very often you meet a real life angel but we did just that at the premiere of Daddy’s Home in New York. Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio dropped down from heaven for quick little chat about the movie starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

We cut right to the chase and asked the super model how it was being in the movie. “It was an amazing experience. It was so much fun.” She went on to say “Working with Will and Mark was just incredible. I was like is this a dream? Is it real?” We were asking the same questions talking to her.


Being very new to the movie making business we asked Alessandra how she got involved in the project and she said “I actually did something for Funny or Die and that’s Will’s company and I think from there they called me to be apart of Daddy’s Home.”

When you’re standing next to a Victoria’s Secret model you can’t just talk about the movie you kinda gotta talk about underwear at some point. So we did. We asked her if granny panties have a chance at making a come back. Her answer did not disappoint. “It really depends how you’re gonna wear the granny panties. I think sometimes it’s really sexy to wear the high wasted granny panties.” Let’s be honest tho she could wear diaper and it would be sexy.

Guys If you were on the fence about watching Daddy’s Home Alessandra Ambrosio is in it and that alone should be reason enough. Are you a fan of Alessandra. Who is your favorite Victoria’s Secret model? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @EntScoop.


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