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5 Possibilities Why Jennifer Lawrence Falls So Much

5 Possibilities Why Jennifer Lawrence Falls So Much

Jennifer Lawrence falls again at the Madrid premiere of Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2 after previously falling at the 2013 and 2014 Academy awards. Jennifer Lawrence just can’t seem to stay on her feet and it is becoming quite a common thing for the superstar actress to take a tumble when everyone is watching. Now the question is are these genuine falls or is there something else going on. I put on my detective hat and came up with 5 possibilities why Jennifer Lawrence falls so much.

Possibility #1 It’s A Publicity Stunt

The theory here is that Jennifer Lawrence’s first fall at the 2013 Academy Awards was real and because it caused her to blow up all over social media making her the talk of the town she decided to make it a reoccurring thing. Appealing to the masses as the girl next door. Making her very relatable and likable to us common folk.

Possibility #2 She’s Clumsy

Perhaps she just has 2 left feet. Sometimes we forget it’s not easy walking in 6 inch heels and if you’re a clumsy person on top of that, walking on mini stilts will most definitely lead to a tumble from time to time. For all we know she wears a helmet when not in the public eye and lives in a padded house designed for people who fall a lot.

Possibilty #3 Ghost Ninja

It is possible that Jennifer Lawrence is being haunted by a ghost ninja who for some reason has it out for her. He continualy haunts her by sweeping her legs on the biggest of stages in attempt to humiliate the actress.

Possibility #4 She’s Always Drunk

Jennifer Lawrence has been known to party every now and again. Which could be the clue were looking for. Maybe she has a drinking problem which would totally justify all the time she spends on the ground.

Possibility #5 Donkey Kong Hates Her Guts

This one is out there but it can’t be ruled out. There is a chance Jennifer Lawrence has teamed up with King K. Rool(Donkey Kong’s arch enemy). Donkey Kong could very well be throwing banana peels at her causing her to slip and fall.

The mystery is far from being solved but this should get us on the right path to doing so. If you have any possibilities that you think might be the cause of her falling down so much comment below or tweet us @EntScoop and lets get to the bottom of this.


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