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6 Justin Beiber Hairstyles You Have To See

6 Justin Beiber Hairstyles You Have To See

We are breaking down our favorite Justin Beiber hairstyles. Welcome Welcome Beliers come on it! Thank you for stopping by. If there is anyone who knows how to switch it up it is definitely our guy Justin Bieber. He has had more hairstyles than I’ve had birthdays so we are going to break down his most epic hairstyle right here on In The Loop!

Justin Beiber Hairstyles

1.The Swoop Cut or how I like to call it hairs is in my face is so annoying cut!

It’s the hair that made this boy a house hold name!


2.In 2011, when Justin Bieber turned 17, his team decided it was time to lose the swoop! I mean he is almost 18 its about that time to mature his look a little. So they the big swooping bangs down a bit and shaved the sides of his head. which wasn’t a huge change, but enough for the public to notice. This was a pretty standard hairstyle that a lot of men had and it for sure gave him a new vibe!


3.Forget the spikes, let’s just swoop those bangs up into a poof that curls upward!” is what Justin Bieber’s stylist likely thought before changing his hair to this look, which he rocked at the end of 2012 and through most of 2013 during his “Believe” tour.

Instead of the spikey hair, this look was a very classy and sleek style. he kept this look throughout 2014 but added a dash of mustache!

4.In 2015 JB had a little comeback when he decided to go on comedy central and relieve all the tension that had built up in the media by enduring one hour of endless jabs on stage. Im not quite sure how to describe this look but we will just call it the ultimate slick back look. Well I will say one thing…thats a nice suit!


5. the random hairstyles keep coming folks because 2015 was that start of JB saying “screw it I’m going to do me and i don’t care what the world says!” At the 2014 MTV VMAS Justin Debuted the Kate Gosselin inspired hair cut. He dived right into the side bang and we have to say we love this look and before you get all angry in the comments section about my Kate reference Justin briber himself acknowledges the Kate Gosselin comparisons!

Before we get to our last look we are going to do a quick mash up of all justins looks because I know you are home saying but you didn’t talk about his platinum blondehair or his short shaved head. because lets be real JB has had so many different hairstyles it would take 10 more minute to cover it all!

Lastly his most recent and most controversial look so far is the dreads!’

6.Justin Bieber may be back in the general public’s good graces after his year-long apology tour and a string of well-received singles. But we saw flashes of the old controversy-stirring back up at the iHeartRadio Music Awards with a new hairstyle that’s earned him some criticism. The dread lock look! People called out the biers for cultural appropriation but he said its my hair i should be able to style it the way i want! but people can allow it to anger them all they want but the truth is if bibs quick changing part hairstyle are any indication don’t expect him to keep the dreads for very much longer!


But now I want to hear from you guys! Which one of Justin’s hairstyles do you love the most? Blow up the comments section  or hit me up on all the socials at Jackie Iadonisi and let me know. Thanks for kicking it with me today I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi and this is In The Loop!


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