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We Almost Attended The Fyre Festival Of Book Launches

We Almost Attended The Fyre Festival Of Book Launches

Over the weekend, Entertainment Scoop was invited to cover the self-published “Sunny Collins: Sex in the Garden of Fame and Fortune” by Jacob Diamond book release party. The invite promised big names like Elton John, Khloe Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Lisa Vanderpump, to name a few. Allegedly, Wolfgang Puck was to provide catering and the event was sponsored by no other than Amazon. The star studded guest list sounded too good to be true—Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 8.05.13 PMand it most certainly was. 

When we first got word of the event, we definitely saw some red flags. So we did some investigative journalism on our end, and found that a lot of the promoted celebrity attendees (out of the thirty or so listed) were going to be in New York or elsewhere—nowhere near where this LA-based event was to take place. We thought that maybe this author or the PR agent has a lot of friends in the industry, so we decided to check out social media set the record straight. There is not much online on either the author or the publicist, Jackson Ford. Jacob Diamond had less than 1000 followers on Instagram and none of the aforementioned celebrities. By Thursday, November 14, we decided not to attend the event and left it at that.

That is ununnamedtil our CEO forwarded the PageSix exposé on the event, which had listed Page Six as confirmed guests. The journalists over at PageSix confirmed what we at Entertainment Scoop were thinking: this was nothing more than the Fyre Festival of book releases. In fact, a lot of the alleged guests didn’t even know of the event to begin with. A source told Page Six that neither Paris Hilton nor Lisa Rinna had heard of the event. 

It got more interesting when Page Six decided to contact the mysterious “Jackson Ford,” if that’s even his name. He told the news outlet that Amazon is “turning the book series into an Amazon Prime TV series.” To outright lie to a news outlet is a ridiculous thing to do, considering who better than a group of trained journalists to expose a giant scam?

Not only was Ford lying about the details of the event, but his identity. Surprise. Surprise. The profile picture on his email belonged to French model, Pierre-Olivier Beaudoin, who knew nothing of Ford or the event. “Ford” used the model’s photos without his permission, which in hindsight, just adds a whole other level of absurdity to this entire debacle.  Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 8.07.39 PM

So where was the author, Justin Diamond, in all of this? According to the article, he had met the mysterious “Ford,” at Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party back in 2014; however, he couldn’t answer why “Ford” was using a fake image on his email. We took a look back at Diamond’s Instagram to see if the party did take place, and we were shocked. It did take place and there was a red carpet. However, it looks like it was just a celebration with close friends and family. In one Insta story, he shouted out Page Six for helping him sell 126 books, which is not much (sorry not sorry!). All in all, this was a bizarre incident, and I sort of do wish we attended to capture it.

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