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Alyson Stoner On Her Journey In Entertainment

Alyson Stoner On Her Journey In Entertainment

Alyson Stoner performs as the opener at the 4th annual Tubeathon. You may know her best from hit movies “Step Up” and “Cheaper By The Dozen”. She tells us about her and her families transition of moving from the mid west to LA. In hopes to pursue her dream, they moved all the way from Ohio and with success at an early age her family was able to do well, which she emphasized was the most important thing.

While fashioning her sound, Alyson Stoner underwent a creative and personal rebirth. For fifteen years the singer, songwriter, dancer and actress entertained audiences across mediums. It would’ve been easy to stay the course. However, she wanted to be heard like never before, and that required facing her biggest obstacle yet, herself.

Evolving and transforming from her previous songs “Pretty Girls” and “Dragon (That’s What You Wanted),” her new 2016 debut single announces her arrival as a confident, charismatic and captivating songstress. It also spotlights her voice in all its glory for the very first time.

Alyson Stoner – Missy Elliott Tribute

You already became acquainted with Alyson through blockbuster franchises such as Step Up and Cheaper By The Dozen or the Emmy Award®-winning television series Phineas & Ferb. Or you’ve seen her dance in classic videos for Missy Elliott and Eminem, or most likely you even caught the triple-threat’s own “Missy Elliott Tribute” viral video on YouTube in 2015 that attracted over 15 million views. Like a newborn butterfly, she spreads her wings with a track that doesn’t just serve as her formal musical introduction but a glimpse at her own journey.

With music, Alyson consistently delivers something real—a piece of herself. It starts with “Woman” and her own personal story. She’s inviting everyone along for the ride.

Expect for 2016 to be a big year for Alyson Stone!


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