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Amy NewMark ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ Editor Talks New Book

Amy NewMark ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ Editor Talks New Book

Amy Newmark is the Editor in Chief of Chicken Soup For The Soul and she sits down and talks to us about her new book ‘Simply Happy’.

Amy Newmark talks about her new book ‘Simply Happy’.

Amy Newmark – the author, editor-in-chief, and publisher of the 23-year-old Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. Amy was in LA promoting the release of her first solo title Chicken Soup for the Soul: Simply Happy which is on sale now! 
Simply Happy offers simple but incredibly helpful parenting tips. Since leaving Wall Street to assume publishing responsibilities for the Chicken Soup for the Soul brand in 2008, Amy has read tens of thousands of stories from each book from contributors nationwide. Simply Happy takes some of the stories that resonated with her the most, in addition to her personal experiences of going from Wall Street to publishing and in raising her children, to create a book that offers incredibly simple changes that make profound differences in your perspective and overall happiness.
In Simply Happy: A Crash Course in Chicken Soup for the Soul Advice and WisdomNewmark wrote a chapter entitled My Mother is an Alien: Dare To Be Different When Raising Children, in which she shares her personal story of teaching her children, Ella and Mike, the importance of an allowance and budgeting concepts. Amy believes raising children in an unconditional way is important. You have to put yourself in their shoes. Giving responsibility to children in areas that it doesn’t matter if they get it right is imperative – this teaches them how to have some say over their lives and feel in control of at least some decisions. It might have looked like she was a permissive parent, but in fact Amy was raising kids who learned early to budget their money, value their privileges, and accept responsibility for their decisions.
Be sure to pick up this book now on Amazon or any local bookstore.


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