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Apryl Jones Tells Us How She Stayed Out Of Drama On LHHH

Apryl Jones Tells Us How She Stayed Out Of Drama On LHHH

As Apryl Jones approached motherhood and natural birthing, she also discussed the moments leading up to this event. Ranging from her emotional conversation with her mother during taping and her father being incarcerated, Apryl Jones let’s us know that it only made her stronger. Although Apryl stayed away from the drama, her story still touched other’s and she reveals why she got into reality television.  After birthing her newborn son, she reveals her love and partnership with boyfriend Omarion and the updated relationship she shares with his protective mother Leslie.


What was your experience like taping LHHH?

Apryl Jones: My experience has been awesome. It’s been a lot of ups and downs. You know obviously drama with both moms, but it’s definitely been an experience. Watching myself too, being able to watch myself doing the show has been therapy. I’m able to see my experiences and see how much I’ve overcome doing it. That’s the reason why I honestly wanted to do it. I knew that I had a story that most people don’t know of me. They just see me as Omarion’s girl. I have my own story, obviously, outside of him. So that was another reason why I wanted to do it. But the experience has been amazing.

Is there anything you learned or discovered about yourself after watching the first season of LHHH?

Apryl Jones: Yeah, when I watch myself it has been therapeutic for me. I’m a strong, strong woman. But I have let my guard down doing the show and I am proud of that. I’m normally not like that, I’m normally very tough. So being able to see myself and doing that, I am very happy with the outcome.

What did you love most about filming and what was your least favorite thing about filming?

Apryl Jones: The thing I loved most about filming was that I got to see myself and they could capture that. The least was that we always had to be available at different times. It was just spontaneous filming here, spontaneous filming there. I didn’t like that aspect of it. We always had to be available for the show.

Did you feel weird or annoyed with cameras following your every move? Did people ever stop and stare when you filmed in public?

Apryl Jones: Yes, initially it was a little weird. But for me, I’m not a shy person. I’m really outgoing. So I got used to it. You get used to the cameras being there. Yes, in the beginning, after a while I forgot that they were there.

Were the any cast members that you vibe with the most? Why?

Apryl Jones: You know I honestly feel like I am the most neutral on the show. And I honestly get along with everyone. There was nobody that I disliked or that I had an issue with. They didn’t throw me in anything because I was pregnant. So I was a little upset about that. I was like gosh, you guys just had being this pregnant girl and the girlfriend. I’m neutral with everybody. Everybody was sweet to me, I don’t have any issues. They didn’t put me with anyone so it is what it is.


If you could rewind time and do something all over again or change on LHHH, what would it be?

Apryl Jones: Honestly, I’m really happy with everything. But if there was one thing that I had to choose to re-do all over again maybe my conversation with my mom. But when you do a show, a lot of it is edited. And they can choose and pick how they want to make things look in a way. And I kind of wish that I didn’t give them an opportunity to show any. And honestly, even though it wasn’t bad it was just me feeling so angry with my mom. It was real, but when I watched myself I didn’t like it. I guess that’s a normal thing. But if I could do that again and just have a conversation that did not get heated and gotten so mad at my mom I would do that again.

Do you ever have the authority over what you want filmed or not?

Apryl Jones: Yeah, you have that right but at the same time you don’t want to tell them not to. Because it’s a reality show and you knew this is what you signed up for. You’re putting your life out there for other people to see, hoping (for me at least) that this is going to help the next person. So there was never a moment where I felt like okay well let’s stop this. I didn’t want to do that. Although there was sometimes where I did have to say okay can we pause for a moment because I’m getting a little emotional and I don’t like how I feel. There were moments, but for the most part it was all good.

Since the taping, have you ever had people come up to you or write you fan letters expressing how much you have helped them?

Apryl Jones: Yes, so many. Like from Twitter to my direct messaging on my Instagram and people who see me out. They applaud me for my natural birthing and breast feeding. They applaud me for my situation with my mom and having a dad that was incarcerated and still being able to try to be the best mother that I can be for my son. It’s so much. It is so many different levels to my story that there’s so many other people out there in the world that can relate to my story. It’s been awesome, I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback.  


What new and exciting opportunities have come your way since being casted on Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood?

Apryl Jones: From getting offered clothes, to jewelry, and hosting jobs. All of that stuff. But you know, just getting recognition from people for my story. And honestly, that’s all I wanted. I don’t care about any of the materialistic stuff that comes with it. For me, it was just wanting to be seen. Because people for a long time saw me and Omarion in a relationship. But they didn’t know who I was. And so it’s nice for the first time for people to see me outside out that in a positive light.


How have you adjusted to motherhood and having your first-born with Omarion? How often do you have to wake up in the middle of the night to tend to the baby?

Apryl Jones: My son is the most amazing little boy in the world. Initially when I had the baby, it was like okay is this real? Am I really a mom? He never cries, he’s always observant. I was like okay, is this really my child? Because me and Omari are crazy! So why didn’t we have a crazy baby? He is just too calm. I am blessed, I have a baby who sleeps throughout the night. Sometimes I get nervous, I wake him up. Mommy hood has definitely been an adjustment only because I have to be responsible for a new baby. But it’s the best adjustment ever and honestly I’m really blessed.


Has your relationship with Omarion’s mother improved now that the baby is born?

Apryl Jones: Yes, I think what changed was after my birth. Because obviously I gave birth at home. After I was done, she was able to come in the room and see the baby. And she was able to see that I went through 32 hours of labor with no meds, really doing what I had to do to push that baby out. And I think she just respected me differently, and just seeing the love that me and Omari have for one another once the baby was here I think she just forgot everything that we have went through before. I think she just saw like man, my son really loves this girl. And you know, I think that Leslie has always loved me. I just know that now that I’m a mom that when I look at my son I just think to myself, like oh no, he’s just too cute. I can’t even imagine what it’s like when he has a girlfriend. I can only imagine how it’s like and how she feels. So I’m not mad at Leslie, I just know it was adjustment for her.

What is your relationship like with Omarion now that you both parent Megga? Has it shifted now, giving more attention to the baby and less time on date nights and other activities?

Apryl Jones: We’ve now found the balance. When we feel like we need to go out or when we need to get back to us, I’ll pump and we would just have the baby stay with his nana for a couple of hours. But truly, honestly me and Omari, our relationship has increased. The amount of love we have for one another is beyond me. I never knew that I could love a being as much as I love him. He’s just really the best person in my life. He’s one of the best people that I have ever ran into in my life.

If you could describe your life and experience on reality TV within this past year, what would it be? Why?

Apryl Jones: Crazy. It was just all over, and then my hormones with me being pregnant and then dealing with the drama. And then me having the baby and being scared out my mind to have this conversation with my mom. And then dealing with everybody that came to stay with me. It was just a lot. And then my relationship with Omari. It was just a lot going on for me. And my hormones, it was a lot more emotional I feel because of that reason. And then being a mom. That’s a whole other thing. 


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