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Asher Monroe Dishes On New EP

Asher Monroe Dishes On New EP

Asher Monroe

Asher Monroe Dishes On What Inspires His Music

Asher Monroe is keeping busy these days, especially when it comes to making music for his fans. Most recently, Monroe is making his solo debut with the release of his new EP, On My Way and is excited to share new sounds with his fans. “It’s been a journey for me and I’m growing and I really just want the fans to see that growth,” Monroe gushed.

Originally, Monroe says that himself and his music team began creating more songs without having a name for the EP or a steady direction. “You know nowadays, there doesn’t have to be any formula to it,” the singer said. “It’s very open-ended and you can get away with trying new things.”

Though the artist stresses how important the quality of his music is to him, he always loves experimenting with new sounds. “I try to keep my music exciting and I’m always creating. For me, I finish one thing and then I move to the next,” Monroe said.

Monroe loves spending time in-studio but is adamant on getting his music out to his fans as it’s being created. To him, it’ll give them a chance to listen and decide right away whether or not they like what they’re hearing.

As far as what inspires the singer, he feels it’s important to incorporate his everyday life experiences into his work. “Of course you want to write about your relationships and things like that so I definitely write about my personal life and I’m kind of like an open book when it comes to my writing process.”

So what kinds of sounds should we be on the lookout for from Monroe? “Growing up I didn’t ever listen to one style of music,” the singer said. “I always was listening to rock, pop; I listen to all kinds, classical, sometimes country. I listen to everything so for me I’m pulling from so many different inspirations.”

To check out more info on Asher Monroe and his music, be sure to click here.

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