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Australian-based Singer/Songwriter Ben Hazlewood

Australian-based Singer/Songwriter Ben Hazlewood

Australian-based pop artist Ben Hazlewood released his anticipated album Eos EP in June 2017.


Ben Hazlewood

Ben Hazlewood made one of his first major appearances while staring on the The Voice Australia in 2012. While on the show, Ben was known as the prodigy to coach Joel Madden, former lead vocalist for alternative rock band, Good Charlotte. While starring on The Voice Australia, Ben says he learned many life lessons that would help his future successes.

“I took as many positive experiences from it as possible. I understood the difference between reality and a TV show. I tried to keep it introspective.”

This summer Ben Hazlewood and Yahoo Music teamed up to bring you the video for his single Sail Away. The videos’ powerful message comes from Ben’s previous experiences with family and friends.

“When I was writing the song, a lot of the songs from the Vanta EP and Eos EP are from experiences I’ve been through with family and friends. I wrote the song for my sister. It’s about needing to take that break away from what you maybe can’t take yourself away from. It’s about making decisions you don’t want to make. It’s about the fear and desperation of reaching out to someone…I was trying to help them exit their state of mind. “

With such a strong message the visuals in the video only go hand in hand with the lyrics of the song. The water in the Sail Away video “symbolizes the fear of being out in the middle of the ocean and drowning, having the water take hold. It’s a symbolic visual,” Ben says.

Much like the song, Eos EP and Vanta EP came from a background of darkness and light. Ben’s album titles come from a long history of Greek mythology. He says, “Vanta is the darkest substance created by man” he continues, “Eos is the Greek goddess that brought the sun up every morning. It’s dark but hopeful. “

With so much light to shed on to today’s societal issues through music. Ben’s goal is to reach out to many of his fans by bringing positivity and hope into their lives.

Eos includes his single Darkest Hour. The single is intended for the LGBTQ community. Brining aspiration and hopes to the community as they continue to experience the fight for equality across the world.

“It’s been a really long journey to get to where the community is at the moment. There have been a lot of struggles, and a lot of people who have paved the way for people to live a more free and open life.”

He continues, the message within Darkest Hour was intended for the LGBTQ community “to look back [and be] provided with hope for the future. To stop and reflect on how far the community has come.”

“To wish, and still hope by pushing people together, through a united message. There’s a lot going on in Australia with the same sex marriage vote. Calling a lot of attention by segregating a minority community. I wanted to do something to get people on the positive side, and to not loose hope.”

“I tried to include as much as I could about what I was going through. I tried to find as much footage as possible to include everything that’s going on around the world. It’s not just for the LGBTQ community in Australia, it’s for everyone around the world.”

Ben’s heavily built message on hope and solidarity continues through his single Too Young. This time Ben hopes to shed light on the issue of mental health. Bringing attention to an issue that is not given enough recognition.

An issue Ben Hazlewood is very mindful of. His personal experiences dealing with mental health himself and with other family members inspired him to compose the song. While going through a period of mental health Ben was thankful to find balance in his life through music.

“I live and breathe music because it’s therapeutic to express myself in that way.”

Ben Hazlewood is currently in Los Angeles working on a new project that is set to release early next year. The project will have a different take than the music he has worked on before.

“It’s a different sound. It’s more organic. I have been writing with people in the states and in Australia.” He continues, “The newer songs will be from my point of view and more personal. They will be more organic, a little more old school, raw and emotional in comparison to the other stuff.”

Ben’s interest in music has allowed him to take an interest in fashion. Going for the modern rock and roll look. His fashionable style reflects your 1970s and 1980s rock and roll artist, but with a more modern vintage look. Wearing Doc Matins and leather jackets to put his assembles together.

Eos EP and Vanta EP are available on digital retailers and streaming platforms.


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