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Beverly Johnson On What’s Unfolding With Bill Cosby

Beverly Johnson On What’s Unfolding With Bill Cosby

We met up with Beverly Johnson at the Opening of Mark Zunino’s Beverly Hills store front on Thursday evening and asked what her thoughts were on the latest Bill Cosby news.

She was very happy to share with us that she thought it was a good thing that no matter who you are, sexual misconduct will not be tolerated!! So many woman live in silence when they are sexually harassed. Since speaking out on her own situation along with the other woman that stepped forward the number of woman that have found a voice to speak up about their own situations has gone up by 6%. Seems like such a small number when you actually hear it, but just imagine all the many woman who sit in silence out of fear. So even something as small as 6% is something to be proud of and we thank you beverly Johnson for not caring who your perpetrator was and speaking out on what happened to you. We truly hope that there would be more woman that find their voice and speak up against violence.


We did speak to Beverly Johnson about some fun and light topics as well, such as why she was there to support Mark Zunino and his opening. She shared with us how she loves to wear Mark’s designs and with the upcoming oscar season around the corner she wanted to get a head start on what he had in store and for what she called “ Brownie Points” We love that!!! We know what ever you choose to wear beverly, you will rock it!!!

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