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Beyonce is releasing a book for Lemonade

Beyonce is releasing a book for Lemonade

Watch out Beyoncé lovers, Queen Bee is releasing a limited edition Lemonade vinyl box set.

The vinyl box set is the most beloved albums in her recording history. The album touches her honest stand on personal, political and stand against her most greatest career achievements.

Her sixth studio album was acclaimed upon its April 2016 release. The album featured guest contributions from artist such as Jack White, Kendrick Lamar and James Blake.

The box set will include a double vinyl LP as well as audio and visual album downloads. The box set will also come with a brand new 600-page coffee table book called How to Make Lemonade.Lemonade

Beyoncé’s vinyl book will release the hidden gems of the ‘Lemonade’ music video.

The book is a depth element of Lemonade’s visual presentation, putting the project’s influences, collaboration and cameos into one single display.

Queen Bee will even open up about her artistic wardrobe. Detailing the message of her fashion-forward touches in the music video. The box will also include brief messages from the artist throughout her work.

The hardcover book will feature behind the scenes photos from the making of ‘Lemonade’ as well as notes, poems and essays from the singer.

The books foreword was written by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, and will include additional poetry by Warsan Shire. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is a radio host, professor and prolific author of books like “Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster”. His most recent work is “Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America”.Lemonade


The collector’s edition box set, is only available on Beyoncé’s US merch site. The vinyl box is priced at $299.99. The vinyl box can now be pre-ordered.

After becoming an instant hit, the album Lemonade included several hit singles; these included “Hold Up”, “Sorry” and “Formation”.


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