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Bo Jackson returns to video games

Bo Jackson returns to video games

Even in retirement, Bo knows how to make a splash.

Bo Jackson, whose multi-sport talent, iconic Nike commercials and ridiculously dominant video game presence made him a sensation in the 1990s, has been largely absent from the video game world for nearly 25 years. Now he’s coming out of digital seclusion — but maybe not in the game you’d expect.


Despite a successful four-year stint in the NFL eight years in Major League Baseball, Jackson chose to make his return in NCAA Football 14. That’s just as apt, though, seeing as Jackson won the Heisman Trophy in 1985.

Jackson will be available as a player in NCAA’s “Ultimate Team” mode when the game launches on July 9. He’ll be a free download to anyone who plays the game during that first week on shelves and logs on to the Ultimate Team servers.

The Bo you download won’t be the nearly unstoppable force he was in the Tecmo Bowl games, though. He’ll carry a very respectable overall rating of 85, based on his freshman season at Auburn.

At least, that’s how he’ll start. EA knows a marketing opportunity when it sees one and will also offer an “Epic Bo” — with a 99 rating, based on his Heisman-trophy winning season — as a rare download in some packs. Expect that to command a hefty price in the game’s auction house.

“He was kind of a late addition for NCAA,” Tom Lischke, a producer on Ultimate Team for NCAA and Madden told Kotaku. “We had been trying to get Bo into Ultimate Team for years now. We thought we had him last year, but he decided at the last second he wasn’t interested. … We’ve been chasing him for a long time. He’s such an awesome video game icon. He is The Video Game Running Back.”

Jackson’s last video game appearance was in 2004’s NFL Street 2, but it was Tecmo Bowl that made him a gaming icon. In the game, he was the fastest offensive player, by far, which in 1991’s Tecmo Super Bowl led to feats like this:


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