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Brian Burns Interview

Brian Burns Interview

Brian Burns was in New York at the premiere of Daddy’s Home starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Burns is known mainly for writing the hit show Entourage, Blue Bloods, and now Daddy’s Home. We tracked him down on the red carpet to have a little chit chat about the movie.

Burns wasn’t alone in the writing process. Teaming up with him were Sean Anders, and John Morris. The film was written with Will Ferrell as the lead in mind and Mark Wahlberg joined forces a little later. We asked Burns if he had to tweak the script to make it better fit Wahlberg and he responded by saying “We were so excited when Mark came on board because it opened up so many more possibilities with the Dusty character. I mean in truth I think once Mark came on board Dusty’s character became much more three dimensional.”


Burns talks about how with Wahlberg you don’t have to sell that he’s a tough guy. He screams tough guy as soon as he steps into frame. Because of that they got to focus on other things that give the character more depth.

Burns favorite scene in the movie is when the character Dusty is doing pullups while talking to Brad. Burns says “He basically tells him that he is going to destroy his life but he’s doing it with a smile on his face like no big deal. No offense.” That scene alone sounds like it’s worth the price of admission.

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