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Camila Nakagawa Is Up For The Challenge

Camila Nakagawa Is Up For The Challenge

MTV’s The Challenge, Rivals III show regular, Camila Nakagawa once again doesn’t disappoint. She gets paired with rival Tony Raines, and they have a personal goal to not let their tempers flair (if that hints at anything!). But behind-the-scenes, Camila is a fitness guru with a passion for helping others. She’s funding a documentary where she explores Brazil and shows the glitter, as well as the dark side that tourists don’t get to see.

We had a chance to talk to Camila Nakagawa and find out more about this season, fitness tips and more.

How has the experience been so far on MTV’s The Challenge, Rivals III?

​Camila Nakagawa: So far its been alright. I mean, its only been a week, so there hasn’t been enough time to hate everything and everyone in the house haha–except my partner of course. Its been fun at times and the challenges seem to be very different but fun, so hopefully things will stay this positive.​

On the show you are paired with your rival Tony Raines. How do you manage working with him and not jeopardizing the win?

​​Camila Nakagawa: I always try to keep things separate and not let what happens in the house affect my game. I have always been able to put the drama aside when it comes to the actual competition, and this is unnamedno different. Once the adrenaline kicks in, it doesn’t matter who’s by my side, I will treat them all the same. I will do my best and hope that he does the same, now if he screws up…then hell will definitely hear the end of it. haha. But I think Tony and me as a team definitely have potential, and we are able to put our differences aside and focus on the end goal, we might just have a shot at this first place.

We know you are really into fitness. What are some tips you can give us to working out on a tight time schedule?

​​Camila Nakagawa: Just do it. Literally. Get up and off the couch and go for a walk if you don’t know what to do, and then jog for a bit then go back to a walk and try to do that for at least 30 min. I have found that the best way to get fit is by starting slow so you don’t overwhelm yourself, and take it a day at a time you know. It takes time–super quick diets aren’t healthy and our bodies take time to process any sort of change, so it’s important to remember to be kind to your body, and not try to overdo it. Consistency is key, and definitely more important than a fast pace, if you’re consistent you WILL get your results.

Tell us little bit more about the documentary you are putting together?

​Camila Nakagawa:  This documentary is so close to my heart. It will take place in Brasil during the 2016 Olympics. It’s all about ​bringing awareness to the things that really matter behind the beauty of Brasil. I feel like everyone knows Brasil for it’s beautiful beaches and beautiful people, but being from Brasil I know that there is much more than that behind all of that beauty. This documentary will be about working with amazing non-profits such as Street Child United who work so hard to keep children off the streets by giving them an outlet, such as sports, so that they have something to look forward to in their lives–no matter how hard their lives may be. It will be about me putting myself in their shoes and their situations and trying to understand what it is they really go through and try to show them that if you work hard, it doesn’t matter where you come from, you can end up wherever you want. It’s all about living for what matters and showing them that as long as they do that, the possibilities are endless.

Are you excited to have the Olympics come to Brazil?

Camila Nakagawa: ​Oh my gosh, YES! So much that I am doing a documentary about it. hehe. Sports has impacted my life so much, and I can’t wait to offer the opportunity to some children to come and take part in such an amazing moment in history so they can see what they can become some day. It’s such an inspiring event filled with inspiring humans. It’s a very beautiful event where people who have worked so hard to be there come together and share their beautiful and inspiring stories. ​


You are known on the show for having a hot temper. What can a guy do to melt your heart?

​Camila Nakagawa: See through me. I have a very strong personality and I’ve been told that sometimes I can come across as “too strong” or “intimidating”. I think that if a guy is able to put in the effort and take the time to understand me and genuinely wants to get to know the real me, it definitely hits my sweet spot. I love a guy that is strong minded, but that knows how to listen to a woman and definitely a guy who doesn’t like to play games–I like honesty and I think some guys mistake honesty and talking about feelings with ‘moving too fast’ or a woman being ‘needy’ and I hate those terms. A confident guy knows how to build a relationship with a woman without being afraid of commitment, and if it doesn’t work it’s ok, friendships are also an amazing form of relationship, it doesn’t always have to end with a wedding ring you know. 😉

Who is your Celebrity crush?

Camila Nakagawa: ​Bradley Cooper for sure. and Jennifer Aniston. ​

Favorite artist to work out to?

​Camila Nakagawa: Calvin Harris​

Favorite place; Miami or Los Angeles and why?

​Camila Nakagawa: NYC. hahah. I love the vibe there, everyone is a go getter and I feel at home when I am there. But the best things about LA or Miami is obviously the weather.


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