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CeeLo Green On Being Nominated For Grammy

CeeLo Green On Being Nominated For Grammy

CeeLo Green Talks Grammys

Music artist CeeLo Green shares what it is like being nominated for a Grammy. CeeLo spoke with Entertainment Scoop’s Stuart Brazell at the 9th Annual Primary Wave Grammy Pre-Party. When asked what it felt like to be at the Grammys amongst distinguished talent, he responded, ” you get a chance to be acknowledged and revered for all your accomplishments.”CeeLo also shared that he most anticipated the live performances and “magic” that occurs on stage.

If you can remember back to the 2011 Grammy Award show when A-list actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, shocked viewers by hopping on top of CeeLo’s piano to sing Forget You. In true CeeLo wear he donned a theatrical muppet inspired costume, something only he could pull off.

Green also expressed that the Grammys was a platform for artists to not only live up to exceptions other have set forth but, “do something historic.” There is no denying that a CeeLo Green performance is anything short of that.

CeeLo recently surprised fans by releasing a nine-track album entitled, “TV on the Radio.” He released the album via Soundcloud, a music file sharing site. The album features Green giving his rendition of popular “TV theme songs,” such as Taxi, Family Ties and Knight Rider.

Green has faced his share of public backlash over outlandish tweets pertaining to rape. In August he pleaded no contest to a charge related to giving a woman, whom he met at a Los Angeles restaurant, ecstasy. It is good to see CeeLo making moves in a positive direction.


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