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Cerina Vincent is Disney’s New Favorite TV Mom

Cerina Vincent is Disney’s New Favorite TV Mom

Cerina Vincent is know her from her hit movies Cabin Fever and Not Another Teen Movie but a whole generation of younger fans now know her as their favorite quirky television mom.  Entertainment Scoop got an exclusive Q&A with Cerina Vincent and found out how she is doing on the Disney Channel’s top rated comedy, Stuck In The Middle.

ES: Congratulations on season 3 of Stuck In The Middle.  Can you tell us a little bit about the Christmas special that will open the season?

CV: It’s so much fun! The Diaz family goes on a holiday adventure and you can imagine with such a big family, the chaos that ensues.  I love Christmas and I’ve secretly always wanted to do a Christmas movie. I’m so happy for it to be with Stuck in the Middle and all my wonderful TV kids.

ES: Your show is known for it’s crazy and zany antics.  Can you give us an idea of anything fun and new to expect this season?

CV: Well, I can’t spoil any of the surprises! Our writers are so talented.  The things they come up with are great and then we have our incredible crew who takes those ideas and brings them to life… It’s pretty impressive.  Harley has some really cool inventions coming and just like any big family that’s growing—as a whole, we face all kinds of family drama… but we resolve it of course.  Anything can be solved with love and laughs.

ES: On the show you play the mother of 7 children.  What is it like working with so many kids on a daily basis?

Cerina VincentCV: It’s wild. It’s sweet and it’s fun.  I give a lot of back scratches and we have a lot of laughs.  They are the best co-stars in the world!  They are all so special and unique, and SO talented.  I am impressed by their work every single day. They all bring an honesty and authenticity to their roles that many adult actors don’t know how to tap into.  I love them all so much.  Joe Nieves, who plays my husband Tom is also an extraordinary actor and human being.

  ES: Does playing a mother of 7 make you want to have kids some day or does it make you want to run in the other direction?

CV: I’ve always wanted to have kids and I always assumed that I’d have children by now.  Sometimes life doesn’t turn out exactly how you imagined it.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing!  So, yes… I STILL want to have kids.  If anything, going to work with 7 kids everyday has further confirmed my maternal instincts and it’s shown me that I have an unlimited amount of love inside me.

  ES: You have great chemistry and comedic timing with your on-screen husband, Tom played by Joe Nieves.  Can you tell us about your working relationship?

CV: Joe is THE BEST. I feel so lucky that he’s my partner/spouse in this job.  Stuck in the Middle is a lot of fun and it’s a really special show but just like any job, it’s not always easy.  I can’t imagine doing this without him. As I said earlier, he’s a wonderful actor and a wonderful person. I think we both feel lucky that we are on this Disney journey together.

   ES:  Las Vegas is like no other city in the world.  What was it like growing up in this exciting city?

CV: I LOVE being from Las Vegas! You’re right. There’s nothing else like it.  It’s unique and I adore that.  I always tell people that it’s like growing up in a small town… but you have a big city at your fingertips any time you want it.  I grew up riding 4-wheelers and playing in the desert.  We walked to school and rode our bikes everywhere, just like the kids in Stranger Things.  I have a big extended family and we were/are all about family.  For homecomings and proms we would go to the strip and maybe see a show and go to dinner, but that’s the only time you would hang there are a “kid.” I love that city and a large part of my family still loves there.

ES: How did you get started in acting?

CV: Well, speaking of Las Vegas…When I was 12 years old I was part of a theatre ensemble called The Rainbow Company.  We put on about 6 shows a year.  If you weren’t in the plays as an actor, you built the set, made the costumes, ran the light board, etc. It was a wonderful introduction into the theatre world and show business in general.  We’d have to be at the stage for 12 hours a day for tech rehearsals, even at age 12! I learned so many valuable lessons that I still take with me today. I also did a bit of modeling and commercials as a kid.  But the real on-camera work started when I moved to Los Angeles in ’97.

 ES: You are often recognized by film fans from the films Cabin Fever and Not Another Teen Movie.  What was it like for you when those films became so popular?

CV: Wonderful! I am so grateful for both of those films! They are both great films and  played a huge part in launching my career! In fact, it was press from Not Another Teen Movie that helped me get Cabin Fever.  Eli Roth saw something that I did and called me in for an audition. When they became popular, I was 100% faced with some judgment and backlash from people because of the nudity, etc. From this I learned a lot about myself.  I have nothing but gratitude for those films and the fans!

  ES: You are the co-author of a series of critically acclaimed books.  Can you tell us a little bit about the books?

CV: Ha! Well, thank you! Yes, I co-wrote How to Eat Like a Hot Chick, How to Love Like a Hot Chick and LIVE Like a Hot Chick with my best friend and writer Jodi Lipper. We thought there needed to be a voice out there that made women feel good about themselves!  We were tired of books with restrictive diets and that sounded like tabloid magazines picking apart women’s bodies. We redefined the term “Hot Chick,”—It’s not about looking a certain way, it’s about an inner confidence. The books are irreverent and silly yet uplifting and in the end, women of all ages have thanked us for making them finally feel beautiful and secure with themselves.  Harper Collins is doing a reprint of How to Eat Like a Hot Chick and you can get them all at Barnes and Noble or Amazon!

ES: Do you have any other projects coming up besides Stuck In The Middle that your fans can look for in the near future?

CV: Yes! I did a film called Broken Memories about Alzheimer’s that just came out to iTunes and VOD.  I have a small role in it but it’s a special film starring Rance Howard.  Anyone who knows anyone who has suffered with this disease or any caretakers, I think will find it moving and healing. I play the daughter of Rance Howard, sister of Ivan Sergi. I’m also working on another book! This time for kids! And I’m just enjoying shooting season 3 of Stuck in the Middle where I get to do tons of fun comedy and working with the 7 best kid actors out there!




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