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Chris Tucker Talks About The Rush Hour TV Show

Chris Tucker Talks About The Rush Hour TV Show

Chris Tucker has played a wide variety of characters over the course of his acting career. From funny hoodie-wise, junkie Smokey in the movie Friday to the over the top dramatic diva Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element to the action star Detective James Carter in the Rush Hour films to a seriously subdued Danny McDaniels in Silver Linings Playbook, this actor loves being a chameleon.

Chris Tucker Talks About The Rush Hour TV Show

Now Tucker assumes the character of Albert Ratner in this year’s Oscar buzzed about Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk to be released November 11, 2016. In this latest role, he plays a veteran Hollywood producer who is hoping to cash in on Billy Lynn’s story. The character hopes to attached himself to Billy Lynn’s military squad and in turn sell the rights of their story to a major movie studio.

When asked about the character of Ratner, Tucker admitted that he likes to mix it up and play both comedic and dramatic characters. “I like characters that have the freedom to be funny or serious,” he said. “So that freedom is important for me because I can be free to go wherever I want to go.”


As for the Oscar buzz surrounding Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, Tucker joked he doesn’t have an Oscar outfit picked out just yet. “No. I don’t, but if it is [nominated for an Oscar], I’ll find one!” he remarked.

As for the CBS Rush Hour TV show, Tucker seemed hesitant to talk about rehashing his past or bring the iconic film franchise back to life in any form. “I never saw it. I heard– I think it was on air,” he said. He explained,” I don’t know. I don’t know anything about it, but that much about it.”

So, what is next for Tucker? Well, he stayed mum on that topic. But when asked if he would jump on the super hero Marvel studios bandwagon, he seemed open to the idea saying, “You know, you never know. Maybe one day if it is the right part. We’ll see.”


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