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V. Rose Christian Music With A Pop Twist

V. Rose Christian Music With A Pop Twist

Rocking a small heart “tattoo” on her upper cheek, V. Rose changes the perception of Christian music. The pop singer dropped her new album Young, Dangerous Heart on April 22nd. Entertainment Scoop’s Jada Montemarano had a chance to get the inside scoop on balancing Christian messages and a hip sound with the 27-year-old before the big day.

V. Rose “Young, Dangerous Heart”

When you think of Christian music, many usually don’t think of techno or rap, but V. Rose wants to offer something different. “I want to make music that you would hear on the radio out here in LA,” said the pop singer. “Stuff that people can vibe to. You know when I am in the car with my friends, what are we putting on? I want to do music that has that same chill vibe.”

V. Rose

Young Dangerous Heart definitely has that “chill” vibe. Her songs range from EDM to rap, and even offers collaborations with artists like Flame and Trip Lee. But when you listen to the lyrics, you will notice the Christian meaning.

“People will say, what your music is Christian? I wouldn’t even know that and I think that is a cool misconception,” said V. Rose. She does sing about God and offers religious messages, but wants her songs to be enjoyed by everyone.

The relatable singer has been through abandonment, tragedy and disappointment and uses her past to write powerful songs and ultimately share how God was always there.

But even if you are not Christian, V. Rose leaves her music open for interpretation. She told Jada that she will never hide her religious background but, “No matter what your religion is people will respect the fact that you are being who you are and keeping it real with what you believe.”

V. Rose’s tour started on April 21st in Dallas and she could not wait to get back on the road!

Find out the tour dates on her website vroseonline.com and check out her social media using @vrosemusic.


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