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Tonya Cornelisse Talks Recent Film Roles

Tonya Cornelisse Talks Recent Film Roles


Actress Tonya Cornelisse has been busy with six movie releases and upcoming releases.  EntScoop caught up with her to talk about her roles in “Yellow” and “Lost Time.”


In the indie drama, “Yellow,” Cornelisse portrays a strong, sassy, single mother named Starla.  “It was one of those projects where I read the script and I immediately was willing to fight to be in it,” said Cornelisse. “It’s really original.”


Cornelisse acts alongside Melanie Griffith, Sienna Miller and Lucy Punch in the character driven film by Nick Cassavetes, who previously directed “The Notebook,” “John Q” and “My Sister’s Keeper.” 


“Yellow” takes on modern society by bringing a hallucinatory world to the screen with circus freaks, human farm animals and musical numbers.  “Yellow” is set to premiere late October in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago.


Cornelisse is also featured in the sci-fi/thriller/horror film, “Lost Time.” In this film she plays Gillian, a potential clairvoyant in a psych ward.  “My character gets nosebleeds and hears voices,” said Cornelisse.  “She is a very tortured and damaged individual.” 


The movie takes viewers on a journey to a different realm of reality where lost timers search for answers.  “Lost Time” features Rochelle Vallese, Luke Goss and Robert Davi.  This film is available on VOD platforms.


Cornelisse has appeared in popular television shows such as “Parks and Recreation,” “NCIS,” “ER” and “Law and Order SVU.”  Keep up with Cornelisse by visiting her website, tonyacornelisse.com.


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