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Crooked I Talks About New Vape Company CTTF

Crooked I Talks About New Vape Company CTTF

We had a chance to catch up with well respected West Coast rapper Crooked I, who along with being a member of Eminem’s group Slaughterhouse he talks to us about his new business ventures, new music and more.


Tell me about your vape juices and what got you interested in getting into that business?
Crooked I: The name of the vape juice company is Creepin Through The Fog or CTTF as we like to call it… I’m starting off with only two flavors which are Bear Claw and Dirty.. Bear Claw is exactly what you’d expect the doughnut to taste like and Dirty tastes like the best Dirty Sprite Lil Wayne ever had! I started vaping to cut down on my cigar addiction and so far it’s working.. That’s pretty much how I got into the whole vape culture..


Crooked I CTTF

CTTF (1)

When can we expect a new album?
Crooked I: I have a project slated for August 2016! It’s an album like I’ve never done before… A hardcore and raw mashup of sci-fi and political drama served on a platter of futuristic production.. Excited about this release to say the least..

What artist are you a fan of (in any genre) that people wouldn’t expect?
Crooked I: I think the band Alabama Shakes is dope!


Being around Eminem is there any lessons that you have learned from him?
Crooked I: I learned that after selling 100mil records you don’t have to be an a**hole like most celebrities are.. Marshall is down to earth and cool..

Do you have any rituals you do when you are writing music?
Crooked I: I don’t write much.. My process is playing instrumentals while I’m driving to my studio and coming up with ideas on the way.. That’s my ritual.. If I’m creating in Em’s studio out in Detroit, I’m probably pacing the floor until ideas flow.. Sometimes whiskey is involved..

We see you have been taking meeting to develop a new show. What do you think TV is missing right now?
Crooked I: I think it’s missing Hip Hop! Shows that have the term Hip Hop in their titles have absolutely nothing to do with Hip Hop! I live and die for this culture and I have fresh ideas to bring to the table that are authentic to the art form so I’m probably the best person for the job..

What are some stories that no one has ever heard of during your time at Death Row?
Crooked I: We went to a nude beach fully clothed.. I even had my leather jacket on I was so anti.. One of my homies from the label bought some weed from a naked surfer.. True..

What would be your dream collaboration that you haven’t done yet?
Crooked I: Flying Lotus would be dope to work with.. I feel like we could go somewhere else creatively..

We saw you just tweet that you were in the studio with Dre the other day. Can you tell us what you guys are working on?
Crooked I: I was working on new music for his Apple Music radio show The Pharmacy.. Always good to be around the good Doc..

What do you think about the current presidential race?
Crooked I: I think Trump is a very charismatic and entertaining bigot.. I think Hillary is a politician to the core who doesn’t know how to connect with everyday people.. I think Bernie is a cool old guy.. I don’t know how Dr. Ben Carson ever operated on anybody with his inability to open his eyes… Some Americans think we live in a post racial society so I’m glad Trump voters are proving them wrong because people need to wake up and live in the real world.. I wish Dave Chappelle could be our President..


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