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Dawn Richard Talks New Album, The Music Industry & Diddy!

Dawn Richard Talks New Album, The Music Industry & Diddy!

Dawn Richard Interviews with EntScoop.

The former Danity Kane girl sat down with Entertainment Scoop’s very own, Xavier Brinkman, to talk about life and her career.

We asked her about her ever-changing hair and if she could give us some hair tips.

“I change my hair like I change my panties. Everything I do, if we do music or art or a visual, it changes with delivery.” Dawn told Entertainment Scoop. She wants her look to always  go with her performance. “It’s no difference for me to changing my hair than Katy Perry changing her wigs.”

Of course, we love Katy Perry’s colorful hair, and we definitely support Dawn’s various hair as well. It’s very creative of her to match her hair with her performance. Hair is very important to a woman, and it can be hard to change and let go of, but being happy with changing your looks no matter how it turns out is very empowering.


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We asked Dawn if and what are the ways she promoted her album.

“I always do innovative ways to interact with my fans.” She said. Dawn wrote Roses via Periscope with her fans live with her on the social media. She told us she wanted her fans to feel like they were a part of the process, a part of her music.

But being a performer is all fame and glitter and rainbows? Of course, not.

“It was always a battle. It’s a battle every day.” She admitted. With this new album, she chose to do the music that she really loves and not what other people -producers, managers, anyone- are telling her to do.

“I don’t want to be great for an independent artist. I just want to be a great artist. That’s all I really want, is for people to see you can pull it off regardless if you really want it.” She inspired Entertainment Scoop with these words. We too believe that if you want something really, really bad, and you persistently chase after it, you will reap the rewards.

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Dawn’s new single for Red Era is coming out at the end of this summer so make sure you check that out. Don’t forget to watch the video and see what Dawn has to say about Australia! Are you a fan of Danity Kane? Who is your favorite 2000’s group? Let us know in the comment below!




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