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Designer Mark Zunino On Seeing The Little Girl In Beyonce

Designer Mark Zunino On Seeing The Little Girl In Beyonce

Thursday night was an exciting night for Celebrity designer Mark Zunino as he hosted the opening of his new Beverly Hills store right on Robertson Blvd.

Mark has been designing for 25 years for some of hollywoods biggest names, such as Angelina Jolie, Joan Collins, Sofia Vergara and on and on. Entertainment Scoop spoke to him at his opening and asked him what was it like working with some of hollywoods biggest names.

Eva Mendez

Eva Mendez in Mark Zunino

Mark shared with us how his first encounter with Joan Collins resulted in her screaming at him to get out of her dressing room because she had no clue who he was. Talk about breaking into the business!! lol But they soon became good friends and he has since designed many gowns for her. Although we see a lot of the glitz and glamour that goes with being a star on the red carpet we don’t ever get to see the insecurities and pressures that come alone with having to get dressed and look beautiful for the public eye. Mark shared with us how even the most prestige high studio executives could have body image insecurities. He shared with us how he tries to make woman feel beautiful in his gowns, that’s why every dress he designs for a specific Actress is truly a special gift for them from him. He likes to meet in person with the lucky woman he is going to design for and feel her energy, and get to know who she is and what she truly loves and hates about her body. He then starts designing from there. Every woman we spoke to about Mark’s dresses all had the same thing to say about him and his gowns. He truly knows how to make a woman feel beautiful. They loved the way his dresses fitted them and hugged every part of their body in just the perfect way. I know that as woman who love to feel sexy and beautiful the opening of this store in the Los Angeles area is truly a gift not just for the celebrity world but for every beautiful woman out there.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie in Mark Zunino


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