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Dr. Alessi Q & A with Entertainment Scoop

Dr. Alessi Q & A with Entertainment Scoop

Dr. Alessi

Dr Alessi

Dr. Alessi is the founder and medical director of Alessi Institutes and Face Forward Foundation located in Beverly Hills, CA. The doctor to the stars is a double-board certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and The American Board of Otolaryngology and serves entertainers, athletes, royalty, business executives and physicians from around the world. Dr. Alessi is known for his less invasive cosmetic procedures to simplify the traditional, “under the knife” operations, The U-Lift, the FAB facelift and The Invisiline Browlift.

Q: What Inspired you to become a cosmetic surgeon?

DA: I loved everything medical as well as every type of surgery specialty. I knew I wanted to become a surgeon because I was coordinated and really good with my hands. Also, I love the fact that you can give people instant gratification by correcting a perceived flaw.

Q: Did you have any idea that you would become a “doctor to the stars?”

DA: It isn’t really something I think about to be honest with you. People out here (Beverly Hills) are mostly in the entertainment industry, so it makes me feel as if I am part of an entertainment industry support group.

Q: Who are some of your most interesting clients that you’ve worked on?

DA: It’s hard to say because I have patients from all walks of life. I get people with all types of stories such as a woman I had recently who had a nose procedure with another doctor and had a defect. Although the fixing procedure was minor, it is always interesting working with clients like that.

Q: What was the most difficult surgery you’ve performed?

DA: The most difficult case I’ve had was also the longest, which was a 34-hour surgery. The patient had a tumor on the face, so we had to reconstruct the face and the inside of the face where the brain and eye are. Those types of cases are very conflicting and challenging, but extremely rewarding too.

Q: Plastic surgery has been popular within the entertainment community for years. Which celebrities did the plastic surgery thing right?

DA: Probably Rene Zellweger because she had a complete facial do over. Her eyes and her brows are done nicely before she had very small and squinty eyes and now they are becoming. She had her brows lifted and then she exposed her eyes much more, so her procedure actually turned out really good.

Q: There are also a lot of celebrities that claim they have never gone under the knife, but there is no way they haven’t. Which celebrities do you think pull off that excuse the best?

DA: Christie Brinkley would be one that comes to mind. She looks extremely stunning for being in her 60s. I would guess that if she did have any procedures she would have minor ones such as botox. A lot of celebrities claim not to have anything done when they have minimally invasive surgeries because they are your typical big procedures. It is sort of a white lie.

Q: It seems that more and more young celebrities are choosing to go under the knife (ie. Farrah Abraham, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeny and allegedly Kylie Jenner). Do you think a line should be drawn for younger clients wanting surgery? Especially when it doesn’t enhance their looks?

DA: Yes and no. For example, you can do surgeries on six-year-olds. If a child has a deformity in his or her ears, it is recommended that surgery is to be done in order make it normal because it could harm the child psychologically when he or she begins school. On the other hand, there is an example of a 17-year-old girl who heard that a celebrity had their belly button removed, so she came in with her parents asking for that procedure, which is silly if you ask me.



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