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Dr. Oz on prayer, healthcare, & medical marijuana

Dr. Oz on prayer, healthcare, & medical marijuana
Dr. Mehmet Oz — America’s Doctor — joins Larry King on “Larry King Live” to take on his critics and share his views on topics like Obamacare & the legalization of marijuana. Plus, he gives Larry the inside scoop on what’s ahead on the new season of ABC’s NY Med.
Initially against the use of medical marijuana, Dr. Oz has recently changed his tune.
“I grew up with most of my generation thinking that marijuana was something Satan was throwing at Americans and a communist plot,” Dr. Oz explains. “But I think that most of us have come around to the belief that marijuana is hugely beneficial when used correctly for medicinal purposes.”
Dr. Oz is also an advocate for free, universal healthcare. He is frustrated when he can cure a patient’s illness, but that person can’t afford the treatment. He feels that “everyone has the right to access healthcare.”
For the first time, Dr. Oz also responds to a recent article from the New Yorker that was critical of his methods as a doctor and a TV host — for example, Dr. Oz’s commitment to the power of prayer when it comes to patient recovery.
Dr. Oz admits that although there is no scientific data to back up the power of prayer, he believes in the “value of prayer.” He explains this comes from “personal experience” in seeing patients “recover or at least cope better than they would otherwise” with a condition or illness. 
He also calls for optimism in doctors: “we have to have confidence when no one else does because who else will root for you in your time of need?”
Larry King asks Dr. Oz if he considers himself a doctor first or a TV personality. 
“My life, my soul, my calling is medicine,” says Dr. Oz. “I’ll always practice medicine primarily.”
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