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Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Long-Lost Kardashian Sister

Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Long-Lost Kardashian Sister


Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Long-Lost Kardashian Sister: Meet Karla

Ellen DeGeneres has always been one for a good laugh and just when you thought she couldn’t out-do herself, she took it over the top this Halloween by unveiling the newest member of the Kardashian “Klan,” Karla.

“I bet you’re wondering who I am and obviously if you are wondering who I am, you didn’t see the latest ad for Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” a mysterious voice said on the stage of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. “That’s right, I’m the lesser known Kardashian sister, my name is Karla Kardashian with a K because we’re known for our double K’s.”

Once the DeGeneres came out from backstage to show off Karla’s quirky ensemble and outlandish personality, she went onto say: “Since I’m the younger sister, I get all the hand-me-downs,” she explained. “So, these are Kim’s Shape-Ups that I’m wearing. This is Khloe’s old blouse and the booty is all mine.”

It’s no secret that a big booty is a definite tie to the Kardashian blood line and thanks to some padding, the TV personality looked like she managed to channel her inner Kim.

So why haven’t we seen Karla in almost 10 seasons of E!’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

“I’m a big part of the family,” Karla insisted. “But for some reason, I’ve always been cut out of the show and I understand because they only have like 12 reality shows that are on TV 80 hours a week, but you know they didn’t have room for me.”

Despite shying away from the limelight all of these years, Karla is just happy to have a strong sense of family.

“I love all of my sisters. I’m thrilled to be part of this new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians,”‘ she proclaimed.

Check out the full Ellen segment below:

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