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Exclusive: Glenn Lewis’s ‘Moment of Truth’

Exclusive: Glenn Lewis’s ‘Moment of Truth’

R&B is still alive, and don’t you forget it! Even though he says he “Cant Say Love”, we can! And we love what Glenn Lewis is bringing to the R&B lovers across the world. With a new hot single out, he hopes that his messages in his music will ring true many people in many different places in life with the full new album coming out in October. We got the chance to talk to him about all of his new music, what inspires him, and even how he fell into a pool at a Missy Elliott VMA’s after party. Here’s the scoop.



So, first and foremost. Let’s talk about your new “Cant Say Love” track. How excited are you to finally get that project out? And what’s the response been like from family, friends and fans so far?


I feel, well, pretty privileged and grateful, because the response all around has been really great. You know, you live long enough and you can really tell from people’s response like  “Yo, yeah that’s cool….” Or if someone is like “Yo man! I liked the song at first for sure but when I saw the video it made me like it even more and I just, man!” You know? You can really tell by the enthusiasm if they’re really into it or not. It’s been good from fans, people I may just run into, and from friends and family.


To be able to get it out finally, I’m just excited about it, thrilled about it. The opportunity to share and create something and put it out there, it feels great. You never really know what people are going to think but it’s cool. Even if people might not dig whatever it is you’re doing, it’s cool if they’re constructive about it because you can take those points back to the lab and make whatever adjustments, apply what you learned to your next project. It’s been all things positive for me, really, I’m really happy about everything. It feels like I couldn’t have written it better so to speak, everything is shaping up well.


Can’t Say Love, the first single from your new album titled Moment of Truth, dropping in October – tell us what types of sounds can we expect to hear from the new album?


Well… titles or genres like that are kind of funny to me. I understand em, and you know, it’s good for people to be able to familiarize themselves with sounds. But it’s tough. I feel like they don’t really explain sometimes. I guess if I had to give it a title then it has more of an R&B base. It’s definitely not all on that level though. Can’t Say Love is pretty unique to the rest of the flow of the album. There’s ballads there’s mid-tempos, there’s mid-to-ups, you know.


The vibe is very signature to me., especially as far as concepts and topics. You know I just like to talk about the ins and outs of life, things that are commonplace for people but, what’s signature to it is putting my own twist on it. That was sort of the mindset, I wanted to create conversation pieces that kind of deepens my connections with fans or even with people who had never heard me before, they feel like “yeah, I’ve been there”.  


What do you think about where the R&B is at today in the music industry?


Well, my focus is always that if you come out with great music that it will speak for itself. But, you know, the reality is that the genre itself is going through a transition. The cool thing about it is I feel like right now it’s actually going through a resuscitation. You know like, on the industry level and even artists that are emerging or reemerging I should say. There’s really only been a few new cats over the past 5-7 years… From Trey Songz to Miguel to Frank Ocean. Even the Weeknd I guess. But for the most part, I don’t know, R&B is going through an interesting time but I don’t think it will be a genre that will ever die. You look at what Justin Timberlake just did with is music, even Justin Beiber, even though he is considered Pop he has some R&B undertones.


There was a point in time where I thought about R&B maybe dying and I was like man.. you know? Kind of like what rock and roll did to jazz, I was like whoa is hip hop going to… you know.. is hip hop going to eclipse R&B music? Like is it over? But you know, at the end of the day, women they take pretty much everything on this planet. That doesn’t seem to be an art form that they’re ready to let go of just yet.


I think that it’s going through something right now, but it’s creating new challenges. As long as we have the support of R&B lovers and people that can appreciate the craft and the genre, we’ll be okay.


Where did a lot of the inspiration come from with your new music?


From conversations I’ve had with others, where you’re like wow this is really something we all kind of go through – something commonplace. It comes from my own experiences and being able to connect with my music on that level. Whether someone else wrote it or I wrote it, relating with my music works well when I’ve had experience that are, you know, in line with what the song is about.  I love when people can say “oh yeah I’ve been through that”, or they know somebody who had been through that, you know. Then you know you’ve captured the attention of people and you can maybe help them think about things in a different way.


So pretty much the inspiration just comes from experience, life, conversation with friends or ya know, just usually from those sources.


If you could collab with any other artist right now, who would it be?


Hmm… I’d have to say Pharrell. I’d probably work with Phrarrell.


Alright, time for a couple rapid fire questions:


What is your favorite movie?


Wow, that’s like asking me which record has been my favorite so far. Man… well I’m such a movie buff, I’ve seen so many… let me think…

Ted was funny, I thought that was pretty cool. Um, I don’t know, I like drama, I like comedy. I like blockbuster flicks… I’m trying to think of a really dramatic piece that I’ve seen…

Maybe like Savages, Life of Pi, Slumdog Millionaire. Pretty much anything  with Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins… anything Meryl Streep, and yep. I think that’s it.


Favorite Food?


Favorite food? Pasta, and I really need to cut down… [laughs] But yeah, I like Italian.


Favorite place that you’ve visited?


Probably London, England. Paris was pretty cool. I have yet to go to South America but I heard that once I get there it’s probably going to end up being my favorite place. But yeah, I guess London. I have a little thing for LA too but, I guess London.


Will you tell us about one of your most embarrassing moments?


I was in Miami for the VMA’s, and I was at Missy Elliott’s party, and I was standing too close to the edge of the pool. And [laughs] somebody nudged me, and in slooooow motion – it’s not like, you get pushed you know you fly into it – I got nudged so I slowly saw it all happening like, I had time to think about it all, I remember thinking about it. And then I fell in. It’s pretty funny. I look back on it now and it’s pretty funny but yeah.


What about a most rewarding moment in your life?


I’d probably have to say… well, the two that come to mind…

One, I had gotten an email on Facebook from this woman whose daughter was in the hospital at one point, and her daughter eventually made it through but um, she said the song ‘Don’t You Forget It’ came on and it was really encouraging to both her daughter and herself, so that was really cool.


The other time was when Stevie Wonder came to my hometown and played at the Air Canada Center, some 10,000 people there probably. He kind of just gave like, a short little speech, ya know, and said “I want to invite to the stage, your very own, our very own, Mr. Glenn Lewis” – so that was probably one of the craziest moments of my life.


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To learn more and especially hear more from Glenn Lewis, check out his website (www.glennlewisofficial.com) his Facebook (www.facebook.com/glennlewis4real) and on Twitter @BeingGlennLewis 



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