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Exclusive: Maggie Sajak ‘Country Music’s Bright New Star’

Exclusive: Maggie Sajak ‘Country Music’s Bright New Star’

Maggie Sajak has it all: beauty, brains and talent. The teenage country artist somehow manages to balance a college education with a budding music career all while keeping a great head on her shoulders. The part time model and daughter of beloved game show host, Pat Sajak spoke with EntScoop about her new single, “Wild Boy”, as well as what the future holds for the bright young star.


Tell us about you upcoming single, “Wild Boy.”

“I think the song is really powerful. I know when I first heard it, I could really relate to it. I think, for better or worse, a lot of girls can relate to having a wild boy in their life. Yeah, I think it’s a really powerful and strong (song).”


How was making the video?

“The music video is a little different than you might expect, it’s a little more introspective. It’s not necessarily focused on the wild boy, it’s about a girl making the decision whether to put her heart on the line.”


The video is very one on one with just you and your guitar, how was that experience and was there a lot of pressure with that?

“I just felt really comfortable (making the video) because I do play my guitar, sit in my room and just chill out all the time. So that felt really normal and good to me and I like being able to show that side without all of the other stuff going on. Also, I really like fashion and the whole fashion world and there were a lot of people on set that day; photographers, and makeup artists that are really big in the (entertainment) world so it was a cool experience for me to be able to combine my two loves into this one video.”


Has music always been a passion for you?

“Yeah, I think it has. I’ve always really loved listening to music and singing around the house and doing little school (performances). When I was about eight, my grandparents got me a little (toy) guitar, and then when I was 13, my parents bought me my first real guitar. Since then, I’ve been playing all the time. That was always sort of my escape in high school or if I had a long day, I’d go back to my room and play my guitar so I just love it. It’s really become a passion.”


You’re also going the pre-med route for school. How do you plan on balancing the two?

“I’m pretty much just setting the ground work for it, (Pediatrics) is something I want to pursue. When I was little (and asked) ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ it was always a singer and for a while it was a doctor. So I want to have that option in the future. Right now I’m (pursuing) music and I’m loving it and it’s been so much fun but down the road I want to have the option to go to medical school and pursue that too.”


Would you consider putting medical school on hold to focus more on your music career?

“Right now I am in college and I am balancing the two, but the whole medical school thing is something I can decide after college.”


You’ve also done some modeling, how did you get into that?

“I do a little bit of modeling, I don’t do too much of it because music is what I’ve been focusing on, but I’m involved with this makeup artist, Billy B. and we became friends from my first music video (“First Kiss”). We really clicked and he’s worked with some really great musicians so we’ve done some fun make-up tutorials. It’s been a lot of fun with him because he has so much experience in that world and he’s been able to guide me well.”


Have your parents been supportive?

“Yeah, they have. My dad’s always been a good example since he’s in the entertainment industry. I’ve been able to grow up with him setting a really good example of balancing family life and professional life. My mom is also really into music so we’ve always listened to great music-always country since I was little. We’ve always shared that love of music so she’s been really supportive and understanding which is great.”


So do you see yourself as solely a country artist or can you see yourself merging into pop music like Taylor Swift?

“For me, Country (music) is really what I want to stay in. It’s where I feel comfortable; it’s like a little family. I think if a listener hears a song and they enjoy pop music but they like one of my songs, that’s great. Maybe it could be a sort of cross over for them. I don’t think that I would deliberately try to be a cross over (artist).”


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Hopefully, I’ll still be playing music and doing well in that because that really is where I want to be right now in my life and where I want to be in five years. But you know, things change quickly but that’s where I want to be. I just want to be happy in five years no matter where that is.”


With your love of fashion, could you see yourself doing anything in the fashion industry?

“Maybe to a certain degree, doing something fun like design but I don’t know if it would ever be a career. I love learning about (fashion) and I love learning from people that have had so much experience in the industry.  So yeah, maybe trying something little would be lot of fun.”


Who are some of your musical influences?

“I love Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire, some of the older country is really great. But I also love some more modern artists like Jason Aldean, I like how he has a little bit of a rock edge, Carrie Underwood is also amazing.”


How would you describe your musical style?

“I think it’s definitely modern country. It does have a little bit of a pop edge; I like a little bit of a rock sound, which I think can be heard more in my new single. My style has change a little since my first single, I know subject matter has changed and I think it’s interesting, at least for me as a fan, to see what an artist goes through. Different times in their life or after a few years (their sound) changes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, I like seeing that maturation.”


If you could work with ant other artist, who would it be?

“One of the first artists I was really inspired by was Jewel. She would be amazing to work with just because she’s been a really big inspiration for me. But also someone like Hunter Hayes or Scotty McCreery would be so much fun.”


What can we expect from your upcoming album?

“I don’t have a name yet and I’m working on a lot more music for it right now. I think I want to sort of balance relationship songs and also songs about universal life experiences we all have or things that are really relatable because that’s what I look for (in a musician). I look for when I hear a song and I feel like it tells my story. That’s the thing I love about country. I just really want to put out an album that’s relatable and genuine. I know I really want to put out music that I really believe in and makes other people believe in.”


Maggie Sajak’s yet to be titled album is expected to be released Spring 2014.

Her new single, “Wild Boy” is currently available and the video can be seen on her YouTube channel. 


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