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Exclusive: Next Up ‘Shahidah’

Exclusive: Next Up ‘Shahidah’

What’s better than finding a new artist to listen to? Finding a GOOD new artist to listen to! Shahidah is a Chicago native who omits a mix of soul, hip hop, pop, r&b, and even a touch a rock edge with vocals that are on point. As a singer, song writer, actress, dancer, and model, there’s no need to say that this woman is committed to her craft. We got to chat with her about what’s going on in her career right now! Check it out:



So we’ve learned that you are everything an entertainer should be; you sing, you dance, you model, you can act. So my first question has to be – what do you enjoy the most?


I enjoy singing the most. Singing and.. well, that’s a difficult question. I really enjoy music and acting, almost equally. But, I would say that my main focus right now is definitely the music.


What was it that inspired you to get started on this career path in the first place? Was there someone you looked up to or some moment that sparked your interest, or just sort of something that came from within?


Well, it really just came from within. I was always really a very creative, imaginative kid. I mean a very big vivid imagination. It was just the way I always was.


Well now that you’ve been working in the industry, is there anyone you really look up to now?  Anyone that inspires you in the industries you work in?


Yes, um, there’s many in music but definitely. Just to name a few… you know, the greats, like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, um… Aaliyah, she was a big influence on my career. Our hometowns, well.. actually she was from Brooklyn, but she lived here in Detroit [where I’m from].  Um, Beyonce, she is a great performer. And I like Rihanna. For acting I would say Kerry Washington, Angela Bassett, you know…


Well, as you said, music being the main focus right now for you – in that realm, what can we expect to see next?


Well I’m actually finishing up my first album, which is great. It’s going to drop on Tuesday, August 20th and it’s titled I’m Up Next, it’s an EP. And it’s a variety of music it’s hip hop, R&B, pop, definitely something that hits every mood you’re in. We got everything. I have a single I’m pushing right now too, titled So Hood, and the video just dropped for that too. It’s a hot new video and everyone should definitely check it out.


Cool, well alright. Let’s get a bit personal. What’s your relationship status – single? Taken? And do you find it hard to maintain a relationship in the industry you’re in?


Ummm… well let me first start by saying that I am currently single. And relationships, well, they can be difficult depending on who you’re dealing with. I think that a more understanding relationship would come from being with someone who understands the industry. It’s time consuming, you work a lot. And being with someone who really understands or works in the industry would help because they would just be more understanding of everything that’s always going on.


If you could have your dream collaboration with another artist, who would it be?


[laughs] Oh man, there is a lot. I would have to say… Hmm, my dream collaboration would have to be Jay-Z.


Alright, a few rapid fire questions to end our time! Just for fun:


Favorite movie?


Well, I really like scary movies. I’d say the Excorcist.


Favorite food?


Crab legs.


Favorite place that you’ve visited?


So far, New York.


Favorite hobbies?


Well, I really like to travel.


Favorite song to get you ready to go out on the weekends and have a good time?


I’m Out by Ciara and Nicki Minaj.




Find out more about Shahidah by checking out her website at shahidahonline.com , or following her on twitter @Shahidah_H !


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