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Filmmaker Grey Talks New York Film Festival, Music and More!

Filmmaker Grey Talks New York Film Festival, Music and More!




Filmmaker Grey Talks New York Film Festival, Music and More!

Filmmaker Grey talks New York film festival, music and more with us during an exclusive Q&A interview, in honor of the kickoff to the New York Film Festival. Grey is a one name Actor, Writer, Producer and CEO of Black Haus, an independent production company he founded to release all forms of artistic expressions. Grey was born and raised in Southern California, Grey, a pastor’s son, spent most of his time writing away in his room as a misunderstood homeschooled youth. Despite feeling like an outsider, Grey grew fascinated with cult classics such as Alien, Edwards Scissorhands, and Psycho. This sparked a flame within this creative pushing him to create innovative films with themes of drama, fantasy, and science fiction accompanied with a underlining message of hope.


Grey talks about his current short film titled “Sam” which has already gotten over 200k views and will be premiering in Southwest Asia after being premiered here in the states. We’ve got a chance to view “Sam”, it told the story of so many people’s everyday lives. The filmmaker elaborates more on how the storyline is personal to him. Grey also gives us the scoop on his new music, new campaign “#Freedom” and more!

Q : Grey, how are you?

A : I am great!

Q: Does Grey have a last name?

A : No, It’s actually just Grey. (Laughs)

Q: A one namer, why is that?

A : I like the minimalistic nature of it as well as the meaning behind the word, it’s neither black nor white in the spectrum of light. A very neutral state with deeper meaning.

Q : Are you originally from the west coast?

A : The west coast yes from Orange County.

Q : That’s great, I see that you’ve been traveling back and forth from the west to east coast. Are you currently working on some current projects in New York?

A : Yes, I am stepping into the modeling world in New York so I’ve been pretty busy working New York Fashion Week and also gearing up for the upcoming New York Film Festivals.

Q : That is so great, congratulations!

A : Thank you so much!

Q : We’ve viewed your short film titled “Sam” and the story was absolutely touching. What inspired the story?

A : The story is a mix of a few things, more personal than anything. It’s from my own experiences and life and friends from a few friends of mine. I had a dear friend of mine who unfortunately passed away from cancer. It really made me want to highlight that in our society and show people how it really does affect someone mentally, emotionally, spiritually, you name it. And the whole idea behind sexuality in our society, we have this obsession in this day in age where we care about labels and pretty much that’s about it and the media is really good at kind of creating that way of thinking and people kind of tag along to that. I feel it’s my job as an artist to shed light on that stereotype. When it comes to sexuality I wanted to showcase that these characters are really normal.


Q : How are you Grey similar to your character Sam? Are there any similarities?

A : There are similarities yes, Sam is very emotional and I’m finding myself being deeply rooted in my emotions and the other thing is Sam is striving build a future for himself while maintain kind of a chaos that’s happening in his life which I can relate to as well, I think everyone does.

Q : You mentioned you were deeply in your emotions. Why is that?

A : Growing up I was kind of emotional and was told not to do certain things. I felt shut off because when that happens you end up feeling robotic in a sense. You can’t live that way forever because you’re just not happy.

Q : So growing up you always wanted to do film but you just wasn’t being supported?

A : Well I wanted to be a storyteller, I did not know it was going to be in film. It kind of just fell in my lap. One day I was watching ‘X-men The Last Stand’ and although many critics the film I loved it, the artistic direction, the lighting, the colors, all which have made me fall in love with film as a whole.


Q : You also have a passion for music right? Is there a talent you actually have more of a passion for?

A : (Laughs) I’m happy you asked that question, both of my parents are musicians. My father plays the guitar and my mother is a vocalist and she has the most amazing voice, amazing range and breath control. So I grew up with a very heavy music influence.
I remember the first thing that popped in my head as a kid was I wanted to do music, I just always knew.

Q : What was that moment you discovered you were going to do music?

A : (Laughs) Well it’s kind of funny. It was after my first heartbreak. I started to do meditation which helped me to find what makes me happy which is music. So I started recording from there. Music was more therapeutic for me and film is more of an imagination expression.


Q : Was there a musician out there who inspires or inspired you?

A : Yes, The first one, she’s such a hard worker, I love her work ethic and her whole package that she brings to the world and that is Lady Gaga. She plays piano, sings like no other, and her background is in theater so she has a whole theatrically about her which I find very amazing. Also John Mayer he’s very romantic and poetic in his music. All of his compositions are very deep and touching.

Q : You also own your own production company, Black Haus, can you talk about the process of building your own platform to produce your own film?

A: Definitely. Black Haus was created to be that one production company to produce indie shorts and features along with music videos. I enjoy creating, but I also love producing films. It’s a company with it’s own aesthetic, own design, own theme in a sense.

Q : Now are you a signed musician?

A : Actually all of my music is released under my production company Black Haus. I am however currently looking to team up with the right distributor.

Q : Is Independent something important to you?

A : I mean, yes it is. But I wouldn’t say it’s everything to me.
I believe as a artist we have options and opportunities in different mediums.

Q : Will we be hearing any new music from you anytime soon?

A : Yes, relatively soon! Right now I will be releasing what I like to call “Acrostic Sessions” which viewers will be getting about 4-5 visual covers, I’m so excited to share my love with the world. Shortly after the visual covers I’ll be releasing an EP that I’ve been devoting a lot of my time to.


Q : You’ve also done modeling, is that another passion of yours?

A : Yeah I’d definitely say modeling is a passion of mine. There’s just something so exciting and fresh about it. From working with designers who create artifacts of clothing from scratch to walking the runway and truly being that designer’s canvas.
Showing off their creativity through your body.

Q : Do you plan to continue modeling or have you made the decision to soley focus on film and music?

A : You know, that’s a great question. At the moment, I want to focus on all three. Now that can turn into a recipe for disaster if you’re not careful. But I am a firm believer in opportunity and going for it all.

Q : You just filmed a campaign video titled “#Freedom” ironically released during Black History Month and current situations in America. Can you tell us about the video?

A : Yes, “#Freedom” speaks on where the world is right now. Specifically America, in our country. I wanted to also showcase diversity, people from different walks of life, orientation, ethnicity, religion, etc and how we all discriminate against each other. We discriminate against each other for one reason which is common throughout history, you see something you don’t understand so thus you must attack…I really wanted to bring my generation, the generation before me and after me awareness that we’re all different, which is nothing but a great thing. If we all band together we can make something so beautiful and so excellent we’re not getting anywhere by hurting eachother because we don’t understand one another.

Q: What an amazing message. In conclusion, I would like to say congratulations on all of your success including your film “Sam” soon-to-be premiering in Southwest Asia which is amazing.

A : Thank you so much and thank you guys at Entertainment Scoop for having me!

Check out the film “Sam” below.



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