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Golden State Warriors Take the “W”

Golden State Warriors Take the “W”

After a horrific loss a year ago in the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors came back for a win this year.

On Monday night, the Golden State Warriors took home a championship ring. With Durant scoring 39 points – 11 in the fourth quarter. The Golden State Warriors came back for revenge after last years loss, the Warriors lead the Cavaliers in a 129-120 victory.

Winning in game 5 of the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors came to prove their victory. In the fourth quarter Curry and Durant racked a 12-point lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers. With the Cavaliers still trailing behind the Warriors, the Warriors were able to protect their 12-point lead throughout the fourth quarter.


Draymond Green contributed to the teams’ victory. As heat rises throughout the second quarter, Green keeps his composure throughout the game and continues making smart moves on the court. Six of which were assists in his first 23 minutes.

Fall 2016, Durant announced his decision to join the Golden State Warriors. With a horrible lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in last year’s final’s, Durant was not the only one looking to win the NBA Finals the following year.

Despite the reclaim of victory for the Golden State Warriors, no one has the spotlight like Kevin Durant. Following his decision to leave Oklahoma City Thunder in Fall 2016, Durant needed to prove his reason for such a drastic move. Thousands of fans upset for the move lead to controversy. Durant, now, needed to prove why a vital move to the Golden State Warriors.

Not only did Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors take home an NBA Finals championship ring. Durant also was awarded NBA Finals MVP.

With a great starting lineup and the Warriors looking to move into a new arena, the Warriors could be at a larger cap in the following years. With the Warriors star players becoming free agents soon, the Warriors will either have to pay more to keep the team together or look into trading a player. It’s not certain right now what could happen. There is no secret that free agents could lead to a possible break-up for the Warriors star lineup.

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