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Hannibal Buress Interview

Hannibal Buress Interview

We saw Hannibal Buress on the red carpet at the premiere of Daddy’s Home starring Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg. Buress is a superstar comedian who you may know from his show “Why?” on Comedy Central.

Buress plays the character Griff in the film and we liked his character so much we wanted to know if he was going to get a spinoff. When we asked him he said “I don’t know where Griff spinoff is. Maybe we see what Griff’s life is cause we don’t really know besides him being at their house. We don’t get to see what his home life is or if he has a family or whatever so who knows. That’s not up to me.” If it was up to me Buress, I’d give you one.


Working with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg can often make it very difficult to keep a straight face in the middle of a scene. We asked Buress if there was a scene he just couldn’t get through. “I’m pretty good at holding in during chaos. I bust up laughing afterwards. The scene where Mark was doing dialogue but he was doing one armed pull-ups that was pretty funny to see.”

Buress then revealed his secret to keep himself from laughing. “You bite the inside of your cheek. You give yourself pain and then you won’t laugh.” I’m gonna have to use that trick next time someone farts in the middle of a church service.

Are you guys a fan of Hannibal? Did you like his character Griff in the movie? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @EntScoop.





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