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Interview With Christina Marie From The Group Christina Marie Magenta

Interview With Christina Marie From The Group Christina Marie Magenta

We had the chance to talk with Christina Marie from the Rock Band Christina Marie Magenta. We got all the details on her beginnings in the Entertainment Industry as a model, and her transition into music. We also found out what it’s like to work with her brother, some of her favorite music choices, and what her future plans are. Also check out the bonus secret she leaves us with at the end!


How long has Christina Marie Magenta been together?


It depends on what you consider a “start.” I tried doing music for a while now, but the only time I got anywhere was in the studio in Virginia. I started out in the West Coast, but was put back because there was a flood. I have been writing music and songs for about 15 years but technically 3 years as our first CD came out in 2011.

So the other member of the band is your brother George. How has that dynamic worked?

Strangely enough, we have the same taste in music. We have similar ideas, and it makes sense because he’s my brother. He is very talented with writing and also playing instruments, such as the guitar. It’s very helpful when we get to work together. It’s also great because if I don’t feel like going to the studio for something and we have a musician coming in, I know that my brother going for the both of us will produce similar results as what I would have picked. It works out well because I trust his opinions. I never would have guessed this growing up! 


What can we expect from your new album and do you have a title for it yet?

Our new album is called “Drown.” This album will be different from the first two in that it’s faster, and heavier. There are a lot more guests on this one. There’s a song we did with KharmaGuess, a Russian band. This album also delivers more of what I want on it too. It’s got some really neat sounds, heavy guitars, and I am so excited.


We’ve seen some of your music on RockBand, how did that come about?

There were some people scouting for music on ReverbNation and that is how I was contacted. I actually do a lot with ReverbNation; it’s a great platform and tool to use! Also, I modeled for 12 years so I’m used to the entertainment business. There are a lot of scams and things out there so I treat most news the same and just do my research beforehand to see if the person contacting me is someone I want to be affiliated with. After looking into RockBand, I decided to go with it.


Being from Virginia what was your early music influences and how we’re you able to break into the music industry?


Early musical influences I followed Celldweller. I love their music, but more importantly I was very impressed by their business ideas very interested to see how they developed. I was impressed by what they were able to accomplish without a label. I liked their methods of marketing, while using different avenues than other bands. 


As musicians, I really loved Depeche Mode and Genesis; music like that.


I was able to break through the music industry by just plugging away at it and always moving forward and looking ahead. “Breaking through” is more a matter of opinion as to what someone considers their success. For me, my main goal was to finish an album because it was the hardest part of “making it,” as it took a long time. Once I got one album done, it was so much easier for me to do a second one. I already had the plan, set up.


When did you start modeling?


12 years ago. I really love music and there’s a lot I love about modeling too, but I just got burnt out from it. A lot of time was involved and especially travel. There were times when I could be at the airport for 5-10 hours of the day. 


Also, modeling and dealing with people can be very frustrating. You see it sometimes with music, but it’s different. With my music, I don’t get weird emails from people who think I’m also a hooker. This is not only weird, but insulting as well. I am glad that I don’t have to deal with this in my music. 


That all being said, I do deal with a photographer and get some great shots and it’s great art, which makes me realize the part of modeling I missed.


What music is on your iPod?


Sting-Englishman in New York, Genesis-Home by the Sea, some Nine Inch Nails, Celldweller,  Blue Man Group, Zeromancer. I really like the new song on the radio, by Imagine Dragons called Radioactive, I’ve also got some Linkin Park. 


Enya-Funny story, I just got all these baby birds and I’ve been playing Enya for them for 3 weeks and they fall asleep to it!


If you could work with anybody who would it be?


My brother. I know that I am already working with him, but If I could choose from the whole world, I would still say my brother. I am lucky that he and I are so close and we are able to work together. The people I’m already working with is everything I need!


Who’s your celebrity crush?


I think a couple of actors that I think are pretty damn good looking. I’d have to say Kevin Costner and Christian Slater, together in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves is super hot!


Any last words to your fans?


Keep an eye out for new music! I am looking forward to putting the third album out. It’s just down to the finishing touches and editing. I think that our fans are really going to like it. My goal is to put a CD out every year. We put out our first album in 2011, second album in 2012 and here we are now getting ready to put the third album out in 2013. When 2014 rolls around, I’ll make sure another one comes out too!


BONUS!! Secret about me: I am going to spend pretty much all of October in Europe scouting out the place. Any European fans that have any suggestions on good food, feel free to let me know! Ps, I am bringing a bunch of empty food cases!  



To listen to their music and for more up and coming fun news on this amazing band, be sure to check out their website at http://christinamariemagenta.com you can also follow Christina on twitter @MagentaCMM as well as on FaceBook at Christina Marie Magenta. Also be sure to check out their new album as well as their previous music that is posted on their YouTube channel!



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