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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Bdays

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Bdays

Jennifer Lopez  and Alex Rodriguez spent the weekend celebrating their birthdays together. The two Leo’s celebrated with family and friends with a Miami Celebration.

In a venue on Saturday night, the couple threw on their party outfits, and prepared for a celebration. Jlo, 48 on Monday, wore a black sheer-mini dress with phoenix-bird details and cutout on the side. Rodriguez 42 on Thursday keeps it simple and dashing with a blue suit and a white shirt without a tie.

Jlo and Rodriguez

Jlo and Rodriguez

The retired Yankee’s Instagram shows picture of the couple playfully dancing and singing “Sweet Caroline.” One picture of the couple is even scribbled “Bronx.”

On Snapchat, Rodriguez also posted a snap holding Jlo by the waist saying “Happy Birthday to Us!! #Leo #305” Jennifer Lopez responded to the snap by reposting it, and adding a heart emoji to the caption.

Their birthday celebration could not have been more magnificent. The couple was presented with a six –tiered gold and cake with silver detail. Jlo posted a silly picture of her eating the cake on her Instagram. She captioned the photo “Ummmm cake anyone…”

Six months ago, the couple reportedly began dating. The retired baseball pro confirmed their relationship status during an appearance on The View. The two made their red-carpet debut as a couple at the 2017 Met Gala.

The two have been spotted spending time together with their children. Jlo, with her 9-year old twins Maximillian David and Emme Maribel, and Rodriguez’s 9-year old daughters Ella Alexander and 12 year-old Natasha Alexander.


A source told PEOPLE magazine, Lopez is on “another level.” When Jennifer Lopez was compared to Rodriguez’s past girlfriends, the source told PEOPLE “She’s amazing. She comes to this dinner and there are 20 people there, a lot of sports celebs and big guys in the business, and she can sit right down with them and start talking sports…she loves baseball.”

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez


The two have both spoken out about their relationship status. Lopez told Extra “he’s a loving father. He’s a generous human being with his family, with his friends, with me. He’s caring and sweet and capable and responsible and just all the beautiful things you would want a man to be.”

It seems have a steady relationship going on as they celebrate their birthday week together.


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