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Comedian Jerry Lewis Dies at 91

Comedian Jerry Lewis Dies at 91

Actor, inventor and long time comedian Jerry Lewis, 91, passed away Sunday morning at his Las Vegas home.

Early June, Lewis was admitted to the hospital to be treated for a urinary tract injection. Throughout his hospital stay, Lewis developed a serious of other complications. His family has come out to say, the cause of his death is from natural causes.Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis born as Joseph Levitch, March 16, 1926 in Newark. The king of comedy passed away at the age of 91. Lewis was born to parents of the arts. His father, Danny Levitch was a singer and dancer. Mother, Rae Levitch was a pianist.

As a child Jerry Lewis would set up performances to perform in front of his classmates. By the age of 16 Jerry Lewis dropped out of Irvington High, New Jersey, and was aggressively looking for work. He worked at A movie theaters in northern New Jersey performing his “record act” solo.

As a spokesman for the Muscular Dystrophy association Jerry Lewis also raised money for charity. As a filmmaker, Lewis also made great contribution to technology in the industry. One invention included, the 1960 device- the video assist. The device allowed directors to review their work immediately on set.Jerry Lewis

Throughout his career, Jerry Lewis made three uninspired films. These films included “Rock-a-Bye Baby” (1958), “The Geisha Boy”(1958) and Cinderfella” (1960).

One of Jerry Lewis’s most admired films is “The Nutty Professor”. The split personalities for the professor were disturbing and yet hilarious. The project was a projection of Mr. Lewis’s darkest fears about himself – a version of the distant unloving father.

In 2015, the Library of Congress announced they would acquire Jerry Lewis’s personal archives. Lewis later made a statement, “Knowing that the Library of Congress was interested in acquiring my life’s work was one of the biggest thrills of my life.”


Jerry Lewis was officially recognized at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. It was Lewis’s official recognition as the “towering figure in cinema”. The film festival’s tribute included the screening of a preliminary cut of “Max Rose”, Lewis’s first movie in 20 years.


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