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Jocko Sims Exclusive Interview

Jocko Sims Exclusive Interview

Jocko Sims Exclusive Interview

Entertainment Scoop sat down with actor Jocko Sims to talk about his myriad projects and working with Michael Bay in an exclusive interview.


The UCLA theater grad talked about the upcoming second season of “The Last Ship”, the TNT drama executive produced by Michael Bay that was last summer’s highest rated new show.


This new season, Sims says, “we’ve got new faces, and we’re just trying to figure out what to do now that we have this vaccine”, as the show centers itself on the fact that billions have died from a global viral pandemic.


He went on to talk about working with Transformers director Michael Bay.

“He’s fearless. He just blocks out all the naysayers and…does it his own way.”


Sims says he found his character, Lt. Carlton Burke, “a little challenging initially” as his mentality as “a tough guy and a killer” was different from many of Sims’s other roles, as well as his own personality. But he also said that the addition of a possible love interest for his character has added a new dimension that is interesting to play.


Sims also discussed his past and future projects, including his guest starring role on Showtime’s critically acclaimed drama Masters of Sex, and a new comedy called The Sweet Life starring himself and Maggie Siff, Chris Messina, and Abigail Spencer.


Jocko’s interests include more than just acting, though.

He performs with his hip hop group, Some Azzholes, who recently had a show at the house of blues.

He also hosts a weekly radio show called “Apollo Night LA”, where he and his co-hosts play music from independent or unsigned artists and judge them live on an internet livestream.


Jocko’s other credits include Crash, Showtime’s first original series, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which he acted in alongside Gary Oldman.


The Last Ship premieres its second season this Sunday, June 21st.


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