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Joel Kinnaman Kicks Ass “Run All Night”

Joel Kinnaman Kicks Ass “Run All Night”

Joel Kinnaman In “Run All Night”

Working with people you hold in high regards could be nerve-racking for many young actors but Swedish Actor Joel Kinnaman assured Entertainment Scoop that he takes his job seriously, even when working with an ass kicking legend like Liam Neeson.


Joel Kinnaman is no stranger to the action thriller scene having made his international film debut in the movie “The Darkest Hour” and the AMC series “The Killing”.  In his latest role in the thriller “Run All Night”, Kinnaman plays Mike Conlon the son of action star Liam Neeson who finds himself in hot water as he becomes the latest target of longtime mobster Shawn Maguire, played by Ed Harris.  Mike is on the run for his life but in true mob fashion, this means his 2 daughters and his 8-month-pregnant wife Gabriela (played by Venezuelan actress Genesis Rodriguez), are all a packaged target; but not if Mike’s father Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson) has anything to say about it.


run all night

The movie was filmed in Brooklyn, NYC, and the cast which includes Chicago rapper turned actor Common, returned to The Big Apple at Lincoln Center for the film’s world premiere on Monday, March 9th. The Actor looked very sharp in a navy blue tux and a double-breasted coat jacket, accompanied by his new girlfriend Cleo Wattenstrom, a stunning, tattoed Swedish model and tattoo artist.


Joel Kinnaman and Girlfriend

During our interview Joel tells Entertainment Scoop about missing his family back home in Sweden, being prepared for his roles – not breaking under pressure when working with actors he respects, and his stand on what it really means to be a man.

Run All Night hits theaters on Friday, March 13th. If you’re still on the fence about the film, take a look at the trailer below. Go see the movie and let us know what you think!


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