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JOEY Set to Release New Album

JOEY Set to Release New Album

Australian Pop/R&B artist JOEY just made her first U.S. debut with her lead single Temporary Love. JOEY, formally known as ‘Joelle’, is an Australian born recording artist, writer, actress and model.JOEY

The lead single is from her upcoming album “ENOUGH.” The album recounts her journey and self-discovery after a hard break-up.

JOEY’s first independent single Save Me charted internationally and her second single Wish I Never went viral with over 30 millions streams.

JOEY made her first move on the big stage during an audition for X Factor. With an audience of over 6,000 people, JOEY discovered herself and talent. JOEY says the opportunity for singing cam to her by a representative from show. She admits if it wasn’t for the representative she would of continued posting her talent on YouTube as a hobby.

Since singing with Priority, a subsidiary of Capital Records, she has been working with award winning writers and producers for her debut album ENOUGH. The album is due for release this August.

“Life is a roller coaster of experiences and some of those experiences are painful to move past,” explains the Aussie singer, “We are all blessed in life to find a handful of souls that support you, but there comes a time when they can’t hold your hand. I wrote this album to symbolize that, the point in time where it was my own responsibility to deal with my own pain and past in order to heal.”


JOEY followed her dream of writing. She is currently writing a book How to Smile Bigger. She says the inspiration for her book came from young girls and her position if she were to be a mother of a young girl. “I’m big on, just um, how your mind could change your reality, and how the people you’re around, and the energy, and the conversations you’re having,” says JOEY. “I have a really big following of young girls, and there’s a lot of people in the media today who there are looking up too,” she continues “I would hope that if I had a daughter one day, they had someone to look up too.”

With a solid fan base of over 214k followers on Instagram and with the full support of her label, JOEY is posed to make a splash stateside.



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