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Jonny Weston Talks Stereotypes

Jonny Weston Talks Stereotypes

Jonny Weston

Jonny Weston Gives Us A Lesson On Social Stereotypes

Actor Jonny Weston was excited to begin working on the science fiction thriller Project Almanac alongside co-stars Virginia Gardner, Michelle DeFraites, Allen Evangelista and Sam Lerner. But one thing that allowed him to truly enjoy his experience was working with film director and producer Michael Bay. “I didn’t know that I can kind of do my thing and be an ‘artsy fartsy’ actor and kind of do my thing and that he’s going to be able to take all that and put it into something that audiences want to watch,” says Weston. Weston has had done several films including Under The Bed, Chasing Mavericks, Caroline and Jackie and Sugar and is also working on Taken 3  and The Divergent Series: Insurgent. Though Weston’s character David Raskin may portray the “nerdy” type to some, he says that his role is more socially awkward than anything. However, Weston also says that he doesn’t believe that any of these characters fall into a set stereotype regardless. “That’s what’s so interesting,” explains the actor. And when it comes to the world of time travel, “you can kind of be anyone in the car, you can join us for the ride.” Be sure to catch Project Almanac in a theater near you!


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