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Justin Bieber Flaunts Soccer Skills with Neymar

Justin Bieber Flaunts Soccer Skills with Neymar

Justin Bieber

Who would have known Justin Bieber has soccer skills of a pro? The pop star took to his personal Instagram account to show off a hidden talent of his with Brazilian soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos. Justin Bieber and Neymar were filmed kicking a soccer ball back and forth to each other in Biebers backyard and the ball didn’t touch the floor once. Justin Bieber made it seem like keeping up with the FC Barcelona forward was an easy thing to do.

@neymarjr and I messin around in my backyard

A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

The video which Bieber captioned “@neymarjr and I messin around in my backyard” has since gone viral reaching more than 5 million views and has been shared across nearly all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Handling a soccer ball like a pro isn’t something new for the pop star. Last year, TMZ sports was able to catch Bieber playing soccer with several fans at a park near a Beverly Hills hotel where Bieber was staying. Justin Bieber has also been seen wearing Barcelona gear in the past. Bieber even trained with the FC Barcelona team in 2011. If you compare the videos it looks like the Biebs soccer skills have improved over the years. With the help of Neymar, Justin Bieber could be hinting at a new career path as an athlete. We can be sure that whatever he does Beliebers will follow.

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