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K Michelle: My Life Episode 1 Review

K Michelle: My Life Episode 1 Review

K. Michelle is back in major way for yet, another season of My Life on VH1.

Last time we saw K. Michelle she was living in New York finishing up her second studio album, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart – which debuted No.1 on R&B charts. Now, this season she is on the West Coast soaking up all the sun-rays to focus on her music without any distractions. Along for the ride is her bestie, Johnathan, who also serves as her makeup artist. We see some major change in K on her way to success, so here’s the “scoop” on what we think about the first episode and how it’s going to turn out.

First off, at the top of the episode we are introduced to my favorite LA girl and K’s homegirl, Miss Diddy. Diddy is a huge socialite in the LA community that is known for the throwing the most luxe parties and shindigs each and every weekend, with a network of the biggest celebs in her back pocket. They engage in some poolside girl talk about K’s ex boo, Brandon, who seems to “wants that old thang back.” But could you blame him?! Although K. Michelle is focused she wants him to, and has some deciding to do.

Next, K.Michelle takes us to a recording studio and discusses her record label struggles. She expresses her desire to travel internationally and open her sound more to her fans. We know that K has some dope lyrics that reveal so much about her life and fans have come to appreciate and love that about her artistry, so we hope that the record label allows her more freedom. While talking about plans for her third album and preparations, we see the baddest chick pop up – Trina….and she looks amazing! But the heart to heart discussion with Trina and K will have your mouth open – K. Michelle wants to retire…YES! (insert real tears)

But Jonathan makes the best appearance with a bestie date to the salon for  an appointment full of laughs!

Following that, K finds out more about Bobby that switches everything up and reveals a very huge and personal secret.

Needless to say, this season will have my ears and eyes WIDE OPEN for the entertainment and emotional rollercoaster of life as K. Michelle knows it.

K. Michelle returns for Season 2 of “K. Michelle: My Life” premiering Monday, January 25 at 9:30PM ET/PT and we will definitely have our Scoop Recap each and every week!






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