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Kate Beckinsale Is Still Learning To Kick-butt

Kate Beckinsale Is Still Learning To Kick-butt

Kate Beckinsale stopped by the Big Apple’s Con to talk Underworld. She was there to discuss Underworld: Blood Wars, which is the latest and fifth installment of the Underworld franchise. Selene is taking a bite out of the Big Apple. Proving that New York Comic Con is getting bigger and better with each year, San Diego Con regular.

Kate Beckinsale Is Still Learning To Kick-butt



Kate plays the iconic Selene who is a vampire death dealer and all around badass. As for what fans should expect from the latest film in the franchise, Beckinsale says, “A fairly bumpy ride.” She explains, “[my] character starts out incredibly miserable under attack from everyone possible and the world really opens up in this movie.”

As for how this film expands on the Underworld universe, Beckinsale says, “the stakes are really, really high, so there is a lot of action.” She reveals, “There’s a lot of torment and a lot of new cast members [and] new locations. She adds,” It’s a really nice kind of expansion of the universe ofUnderworld.”

As for playing the butt-kicking Selene, Beckinsale admitted her character’s physicality didn’t always agree with her. “I think action wise the first movie was a kind of test for me. It was not my sensibility. It’s not what I ever expected to do. The training was really intense. I never really learned how to run not liked a girl before [and] throw a punch. [I] really had to kind of start from basic,” she said.


Beckinsale confesses not much has changed. She jokes she’s no action star. “What is more scary, as you go on, is that people just sort of expect me to be Jackie Chan now, and I’m still not. She says, “I still have to learn everything. It takes me a minute, but I tend to dread when they say I’ve got a new weapon today. I’m not Tom Cruise.” She explains, “[It’s] another way for me to make an ass of myself and get it wrong, but it’s good–it keeps you on your toes.”


Underworld: Blood Wars opens in theaters on January 6th 2017.



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