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Kate Middleton’s Doppelgänger is an Olympian

Kate Middleton’s Doppelgänger is an Olympian

Oh my doppelgänger! Either Kate Middleton is in Rio competing for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games or the royal has an identical twin.

Recently, many people have mistaken Kate Middleton for Olympic cyclist, Pauline Ferrand-Prévot. Kate’s lookalike is a 24-year-old cyclist representing France in the Olympic games. Photos recently surfaced online comparing the two ladies and they seem to share some very similar facial features. Both Pauline and Kate have dimples, high cheekbones, a flawless smile, and arched eyebrows. The duchess and her lookalike even have the same athletic build. However, Middleton looks recognizably different with her long brown locks while Ferrand-Prévot rocks blonde hair.

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Ferrand-Prévot has not only made headlines as Middleton’s lookalike, she’s made history as an athlete. Last year, the cyclist was the first person ever to hold the world road title, world cyclo-cross title, and world mountain-bike title all at once. This year on August 7,  she ranked 26th in the women’s road race. The cyclist will be competing in the women’s cross-country race on August 20. Kate will not be there to meet her doppelgänger in Rio. She decided not to attend this year’s Olympic games due to fears concerning the Zika virus.


Although she will not be cheering on Great Britian in person, Middleton created a video message with her royal family earlier this month to show their support. The duchess, Prince William, and Prince Harry wished Team Great Britain good luck as they headed to compete in the Olympics. In the video, Prince William expressed his excitement in joining supporters worldwide to cheer on his country. Middleton also showed her enthusiasm in wishing Team GB good luck.  While Prince Harry concluded the inspiring message by stating, “Let’s top 2012.” He added, “Bring on the great.”

The 2016 Olympic Games began on August 5 and will continue until the 21st.


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