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Katt Williams Calls Trump Anti-Christ

Katt Williams Calls Trump Anti-Christ

Katt Williams and London correspondent Eve Anthony was on the carpet to have a chat with the star. Katt who is no stranger to the media appeared in good spirits and looked extremely slick if we do say so. Dressed in all black with gold accents of jewelry.

Katt Williams Calls Trump Anti-Christ

Katt Williams was extremely laid back and happy to share his thoughts about the importance of the event and the positive impact such an event has on todays youth culture. He spoke about the efforts put in by those less fortunate and the compassion he feels for those struggling to carve out a positive future. Entertainment Scoop also spoke with Katt Williams about the recent media reports of police brutality, the loss of police lives and the tragic events surrounding gun violence.


Katt Williams genuinely seemed emotionally affected by the numerous stories and spoke passionately about the importance of fixing the situation. We of course couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring up the madness that is the current presidential race and he briefly shared his thoughts on the state of the current nominees.

Entertainment Scoop was at the Taft High School in Woodland Hills to check out the second annual AEGA celebrity basketball game. This year saw the teams split into Team Ariza vs Team Hamilton (Kenny Hamilton). Both teams were extremely confident about their eventual win and some of the celebrities in attendance already had their favorites.


In an industry which is known for lavish lifestyles, big money deals, occasional scandal and young stars going off the rails, it is good to know that charitable organizations occasionally arise. I am talking about the ‘Ariza Elevated Game Awards’ a youth centric non profit organization started by NBA champ and current Houston Rockets star Trevor Ariza.

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