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Kim Kardashian West Shuts Down Cocaine Rumors

Kim Kardashian West Shuts Down Cocaine Rumors

On Tuesday, a twitter fan suggested Kim Kardashian West had a cocaine habit. Kim Kardashian quickly shut her accuser down.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West

While promoting her Kardashian Kids clothing line with a video on Instagram, things took a wrong turn and sparked rumors. Kim receives accusations of drugs after posting her video for Kardashian Kids.

Her accuser posted an image on twitter from Kim Kardashian’s Instagram. The pictures twitter caption suggested the reality TV star had two white lines of white powder on the table.

Kim’s accuser tweeted, “Ohhhhhh @Kim Kardashian caught out with cocaine..durtayyyyy.”


When Kardashian heard the accusation, she quickly turned it down. She posted a video believing the powdery substance was just spilled sugar from the candy shop.

She and North took a visit to Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City, earlier that day. Kim believed the lines were just messy little lines from the candy shop.

According to TMZ, the reality TV star was indeed caught on camera with North on Sunday, shopping in the candy shop.

Kim Kardashian posted another video saying, “ I did think that it was our pixie sticks.” The reality TV star had her phone camera turned to the marble table.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian

She pointed out the table itself had two white lines from being marble. The new angle of the star’s camera revealed it was just a shiny marble table with a scattering of white strips. Which gave the illusion of white lines.

In her video, the star continues “But after all that, this table in the background – is a marble table, you guys. Like, come on,”

Kim Kardashian West continues, “ I don’t like that. Come on. I have kids. It’s just not my lifestyle. I’ve never been like that.”

For many years, Kim Kardashian has been vocal about her stance against dugs. In 2016, Kardashian opened up about her personal position with drugs. In a open letter on her website, Kim Kardahian told her fans “ I don’t do drugs, I hardly drink.”


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