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Kris Angelis Singer and Songwriter

Kris Angelis Singer and Songwriter

Kris Angelis singer and songwriter once began her career as an actress alongside her twin sister Alix. Now Kris has stepped away from acting to pursue music.

Kris Angelis singer and songwriter

Originally from a 45-acre hay farm outside of Gainesville, Florida, Kris is on another route for her career. Kris and her sister continuously auditioned for acting roles, but music was always there.

Her music influences often came from her parents’ vinyl records. As a young child Kris “would play [her] parents’ vinyl records, which included the Beatles, the Eagles, the Archies, and even Strauss waltzes, and dance around, pretending to be a singer,” she says.

Kris Angelis first transitioned from acting to singing and songwriting when she began to feel “…it was easier to just do it. I can write a song and put it out.”

Kris received her first real guitar from a dear friend, Tim Hanseroth. Alongside her guitar, Tim also gave Kris advice on singing and songwriting. Kris says some of the best advice she received from him was “how to conduct yourself and make deals with others in the industry.”

Tim Hanseroth worked with Kris for her first two EP’s. Helping her with her “organicness” and giving advice on wording for songwriting.

When Kris first began creating her EP’s she was inspired by an emotional heartbreak.

In 2013 Kris recorded her first fully recorded album, The Left Atrium. The album included some of Kris’ writing projects from the last 5 years.

While producing her first album she and her producer found ways to make new sounds for the album. Together they played with the sound of music, being versatile and using objects like utensils and tools for a new kind of organic sound.

Her current EP, Heartbreak is Contagious tells a story. From hope to sorrow, and from hope to joy, the album’s story is told through 4 different songs.

Kris Angelis Singer and Songwriter, says the albums story line covers “the frustration of a relationship that wasn’t working, and then being saddened by the fact that the relationship wasn’t working. To feeling trapped in the memory of the relationship. Then finally wanting to break free and loosing all memory of the relationship.”


On October 6th, 2017 Kris released her single “The Bright Side” featuring Adrianne Gonzalez, band member of The Rescues. Kris says working with Adrianne Gonzalez made her step away from her comfort zone.

Kris Angelis singer and songwriter

Through a mutual friend, Adrianne was introduced to Kris’ music. Immediately admiring the music, Adrianne reached out to Kris. From there, the two got to work, writing and producing their new single “The Bright Side.”

Throughout their project Adrianne gave Kris some strong felt advice, “the best art comes from where you’re uncomfortable.” Adrianne’s words pushed Kris to a new kind of sound, a mixture of pop and folk in a musical project.

Lyrically, Kris’s inspiration came to her when her car was broken into. Inside her car, Kris had a luggage with two weeks worth of clothes, her musical instruments, and computer devices with stored recordings.


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