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Lil Kim is a Suspect in a Robbery

Lil Kim is a Suspect in a Robbery

Lil Kim has been officially named the number one suspect in a robbery investigation by LAPD.

On Sunday, the rapper arrived to Los Angeles for the BET awards. She was scheduled to pay tribute to the rapper Prodigy, who passed away last week, June 20th.

Saturday June 24th, Lil Kim,42, and Faith Evans, 44, reminisced about Prodigy and the experiences they encountered as women of Bad Boy records.

In 1999, Lil Kim worked with Mobb Deep on their remix for 1999’s Quiet Storm.

According to TMZ, the rapper rented a beach home in Los Angeles to throw a party for the 2017 BET awards. The report states, the rapper and her entourage were not satisfied with the home they rented once they arrived.

Lil Kim demanded her $20,000 deposit check back from the property manager, but was told it would not be happening. Soon after, an argument broke out and the cops were called to settle the situation.

When the cops arrived, they turned away. They ruled the situation as a “civil matter., and nothing could be immediately done.”


That Sunday, a few hours after the argument, a group of people returned to the home in ski masks and weapons. The group took a check of $20,000 and some cash. According to TMZ, the group also slashed the victim’s tires as they fled the home.

LAPD has officially named her the number one suspect in the investigation. She has not issued a formal statement.

In 2005, Lil Kim did some jail time after she was convicted of three counts of conspiracy. One count of perjury for her friends’ involvement in a 2001 shooting outside a Manhattan studio.

In her testimony, the rapper testified to be unaware of the scene, but the prosecution found a camera footage showing the rapper exiting the building with the accused.

Following her conviction, Lil Kim served 12 months at a Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia. She was then released in September 2006.


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