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Linda Cardellini Interview

Linda Cardellini Interview

Daddy’s Home starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg is a movie about a step father and a biological father competing for the approval of the family. In the middle of all this is the wife Sara played by Linda Cardellini who you may know from Grandmas Boy, Scooby Doo, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Linda was on the red carpet at the premiere of Daddy’s Home and so were we.

Linda is known for both comedy and drama so we asked her what it’s like doing both. “It’s great, especially when you’re surrounded by these guys. I’m lucky I just have to play sort of straight man so I live all the craziness to everyone else. But it’s really fun and the energy on set is so different. I had worked Friday night on Blood Line, which is the show I’m on on Netflix, which is a heavy drama and then I came in and flew to New Orleans landed with these guys and started work on a monday on a broad comedy so it was really fun.” Cardellini sounds like a busy lady and she juggles both genres extremely well.


Linda who plays a mother in this film is also a mother in real life. We asked her if there was anything she wanted to add to the film based on her experiences as a mom. “Defiantly there were certain things Sean and I talked about and especially you know the kids are swearing quite a bit and I added in a couple hey’s or you know when they use the “B” word why do we have to use that word. And those were all things that came from you know me sort of having my own child and knowing that as a mother you don’t often bite your tongue when it comes to reprimanding them. But she has to bite her tongue a fair amount.” I have strong feeling Linda is one hell of a mom both in the movie and in real life.

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