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Lisa Lampanelli: The Queen of Mean Not So Mean!

Lisa Lampanelli: The Queen of Mean Not So Mean!

Lisa Lampanelli talks Upcoming Projects!


Entertainment Scoop had a chance to talk to the funny lady herself, only a day after her 54th  birthday, and we were so excited to find out how enormous her heart is for others and herself!

Lisa Lampanelli is notorious for her insult comedy stand ups but while in an interview with her, we witnessed the great qualities in her character that have arisen after many changes in her life.

In June, Lisa Lampanelli hosted a special show on Epix entitled “Back to the Drawing board” .

When asked about this she admitted that the idea behind it was to discuss her life, as she felt that after losing over 100 pounds and getting a divorce, she was being given a new beginning.

The show is very up front and personal and the comedian discusses and jokes about her mistakes as a married woman and her emotional issues which led her to be overweight for so long.

“I just had to work on myself emotionally because that’s where my weight came from.” said the comedian.

We also talked about her famous act,”Fat girls interrupted”,which is currently in the process of being turned into a play and possible reaction from the audience.

“I’m grateful because I was able to work with both a Tony-winning director and writer…I did an excerpt of it the other night, it’s was so silent, I could hear a pin drop!.. It’s great because it’s a different way of connecting with people and connecting people to each other”.

If you wondering how the “Queen of Mean” could create such a dramatic effect of people, don’t worry so did we.

As we learned through the interview, Lisa went to school and studied journalism but her passion for comedy was something she always had n\in the back of her head.

“I knew when I was a kid, but when you go to school, you never think you could make a living off of that, when I was 30 after my first open mic I loved it and knew this was what I wanted to do” says Lisa.

What many people don’t know about Lisa is that she earned her way all the way up to stardom!

“When I wanted to make it in New York, I found a 60-acre estate where they needed a house cleaner and cook. I went to graduate school and I cleaned people’s houses because I LOVED comedy!”

The comedian shared a bit about her upbringing with us as well,

“I would say we were lower middle-class mother had a little job at the police station, I love we didn’t grow up entitled but, with enough money to go to college, my family had enough money to go to school but not enough to get things handed to them…I have so much gratitude in my upbringing!”.

Lisa has gone through a lot of relationship misfortune lately as she recently divorced her ex-husband. When asked about dating she answered:

“I don’t want to date for a while but when I do, It has to be my spiritual equal? The person would have to be spiritually grounded and they have to show that by the way they treat people, he has to feel that his actions affect other people!”.

Most importantly, Lisa left a message that resonated and made us see her true heart. The comedian said:

“Know your worth! nothing to do with money fame or accomplishment, be who you were meant to be, you don’t even have to look eventually the right friends will find you.”

Miss Lampanelli has gained much wisdom over the years and earned her respect in the media! This wisdom has granted her much understanding in life as she claims to view the cup as 7/8 full!

Lisa Lampanelli’s Back to the Drawing board CD is scheduled to release July 24th 2015 so get your copy today and find out how outrageous she really is!

Lisa Lampanelli is also going to be present in Vegas for her part in Lipshticj Las Vegas in September, October and December!

Buy her CD “Back to the Drawing Board” now and make sure not to miss the all women headliner “Lipshtic comedy show in Las Vegas!


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