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Lolo Jones Interview

Lolo Jones Interview

Lolo Jones who is best known as the beautiful track & field and bobsled athlete caught up with Entertainment Scoop at the Gold Meets Golden red carpet at the Equinox Sports Club Lounge in West LA.

Jones spoke on the biggest misconception of female athletes. She was thrown off by the question having never been asked that before.

“I think that we’re not as soft as we can be, ” she said. They see us as these rock hard athletes and they wonder if we can let our guard down.

Despite popular beliefs, Jones argued that female athletes do like putting on make-up, getting their hair done, dressing up and putting on heels.

She offered advice to young female athletes that look up to her.

“Not to be discouraged when you have setbacks,” said the track and field star. “There’s going to be so many setbacks on the way to having your greatest victories.”

Though being a female athlete has it’s perks, Jones said that it could also be a very lonely life. She explained that in most relationships guys want to be with a girl and it’s hard to maintain a relationship when you’re training, traveling and going from hotel to hotel.


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